Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Definitive Cartoon Badgirl!

“You’re standing on my neck!”

I KNOW I’m not the only one suffering from a major case of the “I Miss Daria” blues!

Though she was only a made-up, drawn-in character, that girl had charisma. I don’t know if it was her monotone voice, her major-ly bad, dull, mousy, pageant-hair-gone-wrong or her knack for always saying the sickest, most sarcastic things in such a way that not only did we not hate her, we loved her for it. She was witty, brainy, and an understated hottie (though she would never admit it). The complete opposite of her sister Quinn,

who was an overstated, yet average looking girly-girl. Quinn (foolishly) thought that downplaying her intelligence made her sexier to guys and less of a threat to girls. (I refuse to believe she was just dumb!) Though I have to admit, in middle school Quinn seemed like the cool sophomore I wanted to be when I got to high school. Now I’ve come to my senses. *Sigh of relief.*

But it wasn’t just The Morgendorffers that made the show phenomenal. The Lanes, i.e. Jane and Trent, Daria’s best friend and longtime crush, respectively, were some of my fav characters. I loved Jane’s cool, almost asymmetrical bob and her not-quite-sarcastic, almost optimistic view of life. It was a great balance for Daria. Sure she religiously watched a TV show entitled “Sick Sad World,” but deep down, she was a cheerleader for life. Of course I absolutely loved Trent and rooted for him and Daria to get together, as I knew both secretly harbored feelings for each and were both too shy to admit it!

From Daria and Quinn to Jane and Trent to…everyone else,. Lawndale High School

was home to some of the most eccentric cartoon characters since Thumper (I know I’m not the only one who that little rabbit was overly sexual!). From Brittany, the blonde bombshell cheerleader


to her boyfriend Kevin, the dumbest guy in school, to the token black couple Jodie and Mack
to the crazy teachers.

Ahh…I should stop now, I’m tearing up. If anyone at MTV is reading this, bring Daria back!! We love her!


Whitney ☺


Michael said...

You love Daria, too?! I officially love you now.

Anonymous said...

i love love love daria, and I miss it, I wish it would come back.

Superunknown said...

For real. Tell me why MTV is bringing out another season of Punk'd, but Daria is off the air.

La said...

Ohmygoodness I miss Daria so much. She was my hero. They kept that BS Beavis and Butthead on the air for years but took off Daria? Come ON! I interned at MTV a lil while ago and "borrowed" some Daria DVDs. I still watch them as though the show just came out.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on what Jason said about Punk'd! Thank goodness for late night Noggin and reruns of Daria!