Saturday, July 29, 2006

Randomness at 2 AM

Thanks to our marathon NYC tour (me and my sister saw much of Harlem, a good portion of Central Park, explored the opulence of 5th Ave, and strolled through Chelsea), I collapsed on my bed around 8pm and didn't wake up until around midnight...two hours ago. Thanks to my "nap," I'm not at all ready to sleep. I'm watching Jerry McGuire on TBS (I used to think it was a good movie, but seeing it as an adult it just looks overly-dramatic and not all that entertaining), listening to my "Recently Added" iTunes (some Cassie, Nelly, and Christina Milian), and in general bored out of my mind...hence the early morning blog.


- I don't think Cassie is all that bad! I read Michael's blog entry about Diddy's latest protege, but I have to say that I'm not mad at "Me & U,"' and I don't think she's all that stiff....maybe I'm just part of the group of simpletons who are easily appeased by the music industry's piss-poor offerings....

-You know what's even scarier than NOT knowing what you want to do with your life?? THINKING that you have this great, masterplan mapped out and then finding out, in like the 2nd inning (I don't know if that's the right analogy...I'm not really a sports fan) that you really don't want what you thought you did. For the past few years my goals have been very clear: Graduate, move to NY, work for magazine. But now that I'm hear, in NY, I see that it's not all its cracked up to be. At the end of the day, NY is just a city. An overpriced city. A cold city. A city that's far from my family. The passion that I used to have for my goals is gone...or at least the flame is flickering. I don't know if I want to move to NY, moving home would seem like a step backward...I don't know.

-I recently saw a DEEPLY disturbing tribute to Jigga (I don't care what anybody says...I'm going to marry that man, we're meant for each other!!!) featuring B, his mom, and that guy that he hangs know the one that supposedly pepper-sprayed R. Kelly. Take a look.

-Cuba Gooding, Jr. (yes, I'm back on Jerry McGuire) used to be a pretty good actor...what happened?

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Bad Girl Guilty Pleasure

A self-professed bookworm, I'll read just about anything. A recent example of this is my preoccupation with famed blogger Jessica Cutler's juicy, gossipy, tell-all scribe "The Washingtonienne." Set against the fair city of Washington, DC, my semi-home since 2004, it’s a refreshing change from the juicy, gossipy, tell-alls based in Manhattan (read: The Devil Wears Prada, Sex & The City, and virtually every other chick-lit novel published this decade).

Cutler's alter ego, Jacqueline Turner is not as pretty as she is slutty and just as unscrupulous as she is smart. She navigates the hills of The Hill in stilettos (last season's since DC is not privy to the omnipresent sample sales of the Big Apple), bedding presidential aides, tenured Senators, lowly legislative assistants and bike messengers alike.

Though vapid, Bad Girls will find this book refreshingly devoid of excuses. Unlike Sex's Carrie, Jackie doesn't go on and on about why singles in the big city are so incurably promiscuous. No soliloquies on the absence of "dateable" men being the reason why young professionals turn into walking sex. There's no rhyme or reason to her antics, she simply does it because she can. And I mean really, how many “sexy, single professional gal seeks love in the Big City" plots can we stomach? The Washingtonienne simply reads sexy, single, semi-professional seeks alcohol, "recreational" drugs and rich, political horndogs (her word, not mine).

But, conservative prudes beware! The language is crude and the subject matters ever cruder. If you're offended by any of the "words" (the P-word, the B-word, the F-word) don't bother. This book is hardcore, rated XXX. Though I'm only half-way into it, I know that underneath all of the "lines of blow" and various "jobs," Cutler is getting at some sort of point. When I find out, I'll let you know. In the meantime, enjoy this guilty pleasure!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Guess Who's Bizzack!

I'M BACK!!!!

Thanks to some not so gentle prodding from co-bloggers Michael and Charreah, I have decided to return after my unintended absence. LOTS has happened since my last post, but rather than bore you with tedious details I have created yet another list. Enjoy!

What I've Learned Since My Last Post:

10. C.O. Bigelow's Cinnamon MenthaLip Shine is the BEST lip treatment ever! It moisturizes, adds shine and has a delightful menty-cinnamon flavor. I should know, I eat the stuff by the globfuls!

9. iPod Nano's are WAY cooler than the full size versions. Mine is small, pink, and still manages to hold every song worth listening to!

8. My Jay-Z obsession has become almost deadly. Yesterday, after my friend told me that she actually spoke with Mr. Carter's publicist, I almost tackled her for more information....I need help!

7. I'm officially a Senior!!!! Soon after my last post, I completed my Junior year at Howard, Yay!!!!

6. No one should ever unintentionally go more than 7 weeks between relaxers...EVER! It's just not pretty.

5. Reality TV is not Real. See LC's interview, first day on the job, etc at TeenVogue. "Umm, I like to write. I mean I enjoy it" is not a job-getting quote. Completely fake!

4. Kelly Clarkson is one bad ass white girl. I'm not racist, she just is! I mean, one word, Walkaway. That's a bad ass song.

3. Kelis is one bad ass black girl. One word, Bossy. Bad ass song.

2. I'm a white tee convert. I bought a whit tee at Target for like $8. I've worn this thing almost every week this summer, with flowy skirts to church, with jeans to the movies, under a tank to work. So versatile.

1. My sister's coming to New York!!!!