Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Guess Who's Bizzack!

I'M BACK!!!!

Thanks to some not so gentle prodding from co-bloggers Michael and Charreah, I have decided to return after my unintended absence. LOTS has happened since my last post, but rather than bore you with tedious details I have created yet another list. Enjoy!

What I've Learned Since My Last Post:

10. C.O. Bigelow's Cinnamon MenthaLip Shine is the BEST lip treatment ever! It moisturizes, adds shine and has a delightful menty-cinnamon flavor. I should know, I eat the stuff by the globfuls!

9. iPod Nano's are WAY cooler than the full size versions. Mine is small, pink, and still manages to hold every song worth listening to!

8. My Jay-Z obsession has become almost deadly. Yesterday, after my friend told me that she actually spoke with Mr. Carter's publicist, I almost tackled her for more information....I need help!

7. I'm officially a Senior!!!! Soon after my last post, I completed my Junior year at Howard, Yay!!!!

6. No one should ever unintentionally go more than 7 weeks between relaxers...EVER! It's just not pretty.

5. Reality TV is not Real. See LC's interview, first day on the job, etc at TeenVogue. "Umm, I like to write. I mean I enjoy it" is not a job-getting quote. Completely fake!

4. Kelly Clarkson is one bad ass white girl. I'm not racist, she just is! I mean, one word, Walkaway. That's a bad ass song.

3. Kelis is one bad ass black girl. One word, Bossy. Bad ass song.

2. I'm a white tee convert. I bought a whit tee at Target for like $8. I've worn this thing almost every week this summer, with flowy skirts to church, with jeans to the movies, under a tank to work. So versatile.

1. My sister's coming to New York!!!!


Britt said...

I am!!!!

Michael said...

Good to have you back...finally!

Dmure V said...

Welcome back.. I've been checking periodically.