Sunday, August 06, 2006

This Black Girl Thing

If someone had told me that I would leave New York with 10 new friends, I would have laughed in their face. New acquantences, co-workers, contacts, yes, but friends? No. I came here to learn about the magazine industry, network, and increase my chances of securing a full-time writing gig, but I found that when a gaggle of intelligent, driven, professional, forward-thinking young black women are chosen as Summer Interns, other things happen. Weekend excursions turn into weekday fun. Trips to the cafeteria (Angel, try not to get stuck in the automated revolving door...), the annual BE field trip (Christian, stop rolling your eyes...they can see you!), and wack house parties that turn into fun nights (No, Tiffany, we're NOT having fun yet...). It's this Black Girl Thing. The Smart Black Girl Thing. The Artsy Black Girl Thing. The Nice-But-I-Still-Don't-Take-No-Shit Black Girl Thing. It made us bond in ways that we couldn't have predicted. So, to all my Summer '06 buddies, Angel, Nicole, Charreah, Christian, Ashley, Tiffany, Krystle, Winter, Brittany, Shante, Laura, Lauren, Claire, Susan, and Renee, thanks for making my summer in the city so unforgettable.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Sister Factor

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely ADORE my big sister!!! Growing up, it was just us and we were always "Ronda's Girls" or simply "The Girls." Since my sister is pretty, smart, and insanely polite, it has always a huge compliment for someone to say that I look or act like her. I look up to her and she looks out for me. It's the Sister Factor. And in recent years, the hottest accessory in Hollywood is a cute mini-me sister.

See Beyonce and Solange. Personally, one of my fav sister pairs. I LUV how Beyonce is obviously one of the most famous women to ever live, but she's uber-excited about Solange's role in a B-movie. ALL big sisters are like this.

Jessica and Ashlee are my FAV famous sisters. Though my sister is nothing like Jessica (unless you consider their mutual love for fitted sundresses and big "Texas" hair), I identify very strongly with Ashlee as a fellow little sister. We're both Libras and share strong personalities, loud opinions and an adventurous spirit. We both completely live our own lives, often to the chagrin of well-meaning parents. Also, her song, "Shadow," is, like, the story of my life.

Britney and Jamie Lynn. Y'all know I love Britney Spears. I don't care what anyone says, shes seems like a cool chick. And I luv how close her and her mini-me Jamie are. Despite their age difference, they seem to really be cool with each, which I can relate to.

Of course there are others (Hilary and Hayle, Ashanti and Shi-Shi, or whatever her name is), but my favorite Hollywood sister pairs involve little sisters who shine (or are poised to shine) just as bright, if not brighter than their older sisters. Like Ashlee said, its often hard to grow up in the shadow of a really great woman. But I always think that it would be even harder to grow up in the shadow of stupid, wack sister.