Friday, September 15, 2006

Amerie: Girl of the Week

In honor of NYC Fashion Week 2006, I am profiling one of my personal fashion icons: Amerie. Though not a standout in any other category (i.e. Talent), this girl dresses her ass off!! And I love that she's a Georgetown University alum. As Susan says, "Everybody loves an educated Black girl," lol. Anyway, here are my top 5 favorite looks from Miss Amerie.

1) At the 2006 Baby Phat Show wearing a dress clearly not designed by Kimora (sigh, Stripper Chic is NEVER Ok). Flawless skin- Check. Perfect Smile- Check. Bad Girl Attitude- Check.

2) Fabulous as usual at Lil Kim's welcome home party thrown by AOL Music. I am a huge fan of silvery white tones against brown skin. Luvs it.

3) Looking a little like Angela Bassett in this pic. Jeans + Structured Bag = Effortless Chic.

4) At the Ghost Couture show last year. Fab in jeans and simple accessories.

5) My fav. Looking elegant in Giorgio Armani with Mr. Armani himself.


Michael said...

LOL @ i.e. talent. Haha. Nice entry. Never realized how fly Amerie is.

Whitney said...

Right! No one realizes she's fly.