Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Take It Back....

Solange is NOT a cool lil sis. I recently read the October 2006 Essence (which features a little blurb written by yours truly, turn to page 202) and was really disgusted at what this 20 year old mother and wife of a fool that does not work had to say. According to the other Miss Knowles, "I've seen what my sister goes through for this business. I don't need it. I'll do what I want to do because I love it. Not for fame." In other words, I'm not as talented as B and I'm not even gone try to work as hard. Everybody knows beauty is not one of my strengths and since my older sister is worth a few mil and about to marry a guy worth about 10 times that much, I don't have to work to support to my son and husband, so I won't.*

Completely not cool. I understand not wanting to be an uber-celebrity, I mean who needs crazy white men following you everytime you get a pedicure? But to say that you will work in an industry but not stive to be the best is just weird to me. Become a gardener, a hairdresser or a cartoonist. But to be a successful recording artist is to be famous, so why do it if you don't want to be successful?

And what 20 year-old says this? "When you have children, your priorities shift. So anything that's going to make me sweat? I'm not doing it anymore." WTF??? She is basically telling everyone that she lives off of her family and doesn't have to work and at 20 years old (the age most people work the hardest to try to establish a good life for themselves) she can stay at home with her fellow free-loader and chill, so as not to avoid sweating.

Wack. Just wack.


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Michael said...

How harsh. I love it. I think Sostrange has finally come to gripes with the fact that she blew her chance at even having an ounce of Beyonce's success after getting knocked up by Daniel - which is something I believe she wanted. She could have been a Cheetah Girl, yet she turned that down. So many chances to be the new Ray J; so many chances squandered. Nice post, though.