Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Top Model Round Up

I am officially an ANTM convert. The first couple of seasons really didn't do it for me, but by Cycle 3 I was hooked. And this season is no different. My favorites:


I luv this girl! She is the definition of FIERCE! From the lopsided haircut, to the boyish features, her look is sooo cool. But like Ms. Jay said tonight, I wish she wanted it as bad for herself as everyone else does.


What can you say? She's absolutely fabulous. Her fiesty attitude (standing up to Monique's crazy ass) and gorgeous pictures won me over.


Ugly name but still great. She's the second coming of Danielle, the pretty, down-to-earth black girl that knows how to take great pictures.


Your sis!!! said...

Eugena looks ugly on that pic ... I need to watch the show and see if she is really that scary.

queen-to-be said...

Eugena is no Danielle but I do like watching the new girls. They are such characters. And Thanks for the link:)!!!