Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mama Wants A Brand New Bag...


So, Christmas is just around the corner and I am finding myself handbag-less. Thoughtlessly, I only brought a little gold clutch and my straw handbag to school with me in August ( I guess I forgot that summer would eventually end?). My big, red and orange print bag, my cute pink beaded bag, my little Coach-print purse, my little LV print bag, and a few of my other favs are neatly packed on the shelves of my closet...thousands of miles away. So for now, I am alternating between my black Uppity Negro tote (a remnant of freshman year...I hate it now!) and my cream HU Bison tote (from Summer 04, also a hated item). Needless to say, it sux!

I was reminded the other day that I used to make illustrated Christmas Lists using catalog and magazine cut-outs to show my mom exactly what I wanted (the Bible says you have not because you ask not, I was just trying to follow The Word). I've decided to do a throw-back Christmas List and take it all the way back to like '99, 2000.

Here's what I want:

1) The Mama Purse: I call it this because you could literally stuff a baby in here. I luv big bags, so this would be perfect for me. But with a $1,000+ price tag, I'll probably get a look-alike from Nine West.

Grande Bag, Roberto Cavalli

2) Slow and Steady: No flash, just smooth chocolate brown leather with muted gold hardware, my boy Marcky Marc does it again.

Tina Tote, Marc by Marc Jacobs

3) The Winner For Best Design Goes to...Botkier! I love the shape of this bag! It's smaller than the rest, but makes up for the lack of size with a pretty light tan color, slim tassels and wonderfully positioned zippers.

Hobo, Botkier

4) Instant Classic. Everybody loves a Louis and this cute little bag is not exception. I'm on the fence about the Damier pattern versus the classic LV, but I'm leaning toward this one. I've been eyeing it for awhile and I think Christmas would be the perfect time to splurge and treat myself.

Canvas Speedy 25, Louis Vuitton


Britt said...

You are so fabulous. Give me a year, we will double that list!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Whit! I have the Speedy 30 in the Damier print and I LOVE it. Go for it!