Sunday, December 17, 2006

I Am Soooo Over It: Part Une

I am so over:

PC's: I bought a Mac last April and I luv it!

It's the machine of artists
(*batting my eyelashes*) , plus they are by and large cuter, cooler and more durable than Dells, HPs, Compaqs, Gateways, etc...

Girlfriends: I admit, I love Joan, Lynn, Toni, and Mya just as much as everyone else. But the show reached its peak about 2 seasons ago and has taken a steady downward spiral ever since.

It's sad that the four very talented actresses didn't get their due in Hollywood (surprise, surprise), but really, I think the show has done what it set out to do, and said what it wanted to say. The only reason I still watch is to see what fab ensembles Joan and Mya will be sporting....and to occasionally hear William call the girls heffas.

MTV: Uhh. Saying this about MTV is like talking about a childhood friend. I literally grew up watching this network. From sneaking and watching Real World (I think that I saw the original airing of Tammy and David's fight...loooong time ago), to staying up late to watch their teen drama Undressed, to marathons of Daria, to the first season of Cribs, this network has defined how I look at music and music culture.

But it's just sad now. The reality shows are terrible (why did they take away Andy Milonakis, that was a good show!) and it's full of dating games...and don't get me started on Real World, it's like these kids grew up watching the show and now want to reincarnate their favorite cast members. Stinky.

The Academy Awards: When they nominated Pride & Prejudice, I was DONE. The dumbest movie ever gets multiple nominations while other really great movies get looked over because they aren't commercial enough. I didn't understand then, but have since learned that the world (especially "media") is driven by advertising dollars. So, by nominating Beyonce in Dreamgirls, they guarantee gazillions of people will watch the show, thereby commanding a higher advertising rate and simultaneously eroding the credibility and prestige of the award. I mean they are practically handing out those little gold men.

Gwyneth Paltrow (who I think is a great actress) won for
Shakespeare in Love....'nuf said.

Eyeliner: I have spent the better part of my life trying to perfect the application of eyeliner. But I have realized that it is no use. I have, quite possibly, the smallest set of eyes ever created. And while I LOVE the heavy, kohl Cleopatra Jones/Catwoman eyeliner jobs that all the girls about town are sporting these days, I have realized that it will never look right on my face. Sigh. I am, however, completely rededicating myself to mascara/augmented eyelashes.

Clinique's High-Impact Mascara is my current obsession, though I still believe that Maybeline produces the best mascaras ever! The classic formula in the pink and green bottle has been my staple since I was in single digits!

Luv, Peace and Hair Grease,

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cleaning Out My Closet

I am all about improvement. Home improvement, academic improvement, self-improvement...especially self-improvement. Everyone should be constantly improving. We all know this, but most of us rarely do it. Especially me. But one thing that I am good at is cleaning. Don't ask my mama, because she'll tell you I don't clean worth a damn, but really, when it comes down to it I am very good at getting rid of the dirty stuff so that the good, clean stuff can shine through....I do this a lot in my personal life. I am very quick (too quick maybe?) to disregard someone as a potential friend/boyfriend/whatever because of flaws, both percieved and real. Sometimes I jump the gun, but for the most part I think that I am quicker than most to cut ties that have overstayed their welcome. And I'm not the only one. Celebs, political parties, and even our nation have done away with baggage lately.

Exhibit A:
Go Britney, Go Britney, It's your birthday!

She finally let that skeezer/free-loader Kevin go and she's releasing a new album! Say what you want, but Britney is as bad as they come and when she's around she shuts all those *good* girls down. I heart Brit!

Exhibit B:


Though I believe that both Republicans and Democrats are equal opportunity oppressors, I am still very thankful that there are people in power who are a tad (emphasis on tad) bit more sensitive to matters like the "war" in Iraq, skyrocketing college tuition, and fuel prices. Join me in singing, "And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know......."

Take a cue from me, Britney, and Congress and get rid of those things, people and habits that are doing you NO good. My vice? Dairy products. If you see me, ask me if I've consumed any. If I say yes, please slap me around a little, ok?


Tuesday, December 05, 2006