Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Sick...

Not the cough, cough kind of sick. The cough, cough, wheeze, sneeze, body ache-y fever-inducing sick. And it sucks. I missed an entire day of class on Tuesday and was so drugged that I almost missed my 9am class this morning. Currently running through my system is:

*Lots of water
*Chloraseptic Lozenges
*Robitussin Cough & Cold
*Orange Juice with Vitamin D
*Chicken Noodle Soup
*Way too much phlegm

Ok the last one was probably TMI, but it's true. I have a paper due tomorrow, a test on Friday, an article due Friday and a presentation next week...I can't afford to be sick and shut-in! But I am!! The only perk is that I've totally caught up on all the good TV. Today alone I watched:

*I Love Lucy
*Golden Girls
*Will & Grace
*The Backyardigans
*The Hills
*Baby Story on TLC
*Bringing Home Baby on TLC
*Too many cooking shows on the Food Network
*One True Thing (that movie with Meryl Streep and Renee Zelwegger) about 30 times.

I'm going to the doctor soon, so hopefully I'll be out and about in no time.

Someone please send me a Kleenex re-up :(

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We're Your Dreamgirls, Boys We'll You Make You Happy....

Wow. I'm excited! Dreamgirls was nominated for 8 Oscars!!! I know, I know, I'm so over the Oscars, I didn't forget. But it is great that so many great black actors are being recognized. I am not surprised that Beyonce and Jamie Foxx didn't get nods. Affirmative Action is horrible when the awards are unmerited (not that it doesn't happen to white people all the time, but y'all know how that goes...). I did not think that they did an exceptional job...good, yes, but not award-winning. I'm glad that the Academy saw what I saw, which were scintillating performances from Jennifer and Eddie.

I also thought that Anika Noni Rose was great! She's sooooo slept on as the "third" Dreamgirl (kind of like Michelle from Destiny's Child, I guess)..maybe it's like a middle-child kind of part.

Something else I loved about the movie? The soundtrack! On my way out of the theatre I was humming ALL of the songs! From "Dreamgirls" to "Love You I Do," which was my personal favorite, to "Jimmy Got Soul," in which I think Eddie kind of got into a Eddie Murphy-the-comedian moment, but it worked, because Jimmy was a funny guy.

The other Black actors? I can speak for their talent, but, unfortunately, I can't speak for their performances since I haven't seen "The Pursuit of Happiness," or "The Last King of Scotland." My vote? Forest Whitaker. Besides the fact that he's from Longview, Texas (my family's also from East there is 9/10 chance that we are related...), he's an amazing talent and has starred in and directed an amazing body of work. I love Will Smith, though, and it is his second nomination. The Academy is good about timing...they don't want someone to be nominated too many times without actually winning.

Anyway, can you tell I'm excited? I hope that this will open doors for more deserving thespians (uhh...Angela Bassett, anyone?) of color.

Now I need to go find someone to watch all of these Oscar-nominated movies with...
Whitney :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

You Actually Read That?

Note: I apologize for the changing colors of this blog. I am experimenting with different color combinations. If you want to shorten the process, let me know which colors are most pleasing to your eyes!

Today, I had a revelation. I'm not writing for myself, people actually read this blog! Case in point, today Nikita said (via yahoo messenger):

Me: Nikita!!!
nikitam: hi!
Me: what's up?
nikitam: ok so i have something to confess
Me: ??
nikitam: I'm OBSESSED with your blog, lol

I was soo surprised, I didn't know that anyone besides my sister read it! And then, minutes later, Michael, who is impossible to please when it comes to blogging, said (also via messenger):

Michael: I am so proud of you for updating your blog.
Me: lol [...] on a regular basis too
Michael: I know. I'm very proud.

But Melissa, mean as she is, kind of dished (that's not a's cuter than saying dissed) my color choices. She said the green was making her physically ill and I kind of agreed so I changed the color up a little. But don't worry, the content will stay the same (if you can call off-the-dome rants content...)!

But it's a little gratifying to know that there are people out there who read what I write :)...and it motivates me to do better and come with stuff more often!

So now that I know who reads my blog, let me tell you what blogs I love:

The Cynical Ones: You knew this was coming right? Funny. Sarcastic. Smart. Did I say funny?

Life, Love, Lipgloss: Besides the great title, it's authored by Susan. Why wouldn't I check it out regularly?

Queen to Be: Another obvious one. This girl is smart and funny in her "Adventures of a Co-Ed"-type blog.

The Little Black Girl That Could: A must for magazine wannabes. Chronicles the successes, struggles and shoes of a 20-something that's just trying to make it on the mean halls of Time, Inc.

Urbane Girl: Where I go for a dose of sophistication. Urbane Girl keeps us in the know with up-to-the minute fashion and beauty coverage and insights into the luxe life.

A World Tour...Well Kinda
: What's cooler than traveling around the world? Umm..nothing! Howard University business student takes everyone with her as she spends 5 months in France.

Beauty Buzz: TeenVogue's resident beautyista Eva Chen brings us all things beautiful and fab, from NY to Tokyo, to everywhere in between.

Shake Your Beauty
: The Grandmommy of blogs (for me anyway)..Miss Tia tells all, from beauty to sex to career advice. What can I say, she's my shero!

Check Them Out!
Whitney :)

The Opposite of I'm So Over It- Part Deux

I'm not Oprah (yet), and millions of people will not go out and buy my favorite things, but there a few people, places, things and ideas (yea, nouns) that I am feeling so much, I can't keep them to myself! A few:

1) VibeVixen. Finally! Somebody got it right. This magazine has it all-- practical beauty pages, fantastic fashion spreads, thoughtful profiles and girl-of-the moment cover articles. I love, love, love, love, love this magazine! And, I think I should note that I didn't jump on the bandwagon with the current issue, I saw the vast potential way back when with the Kimora Lee Simmons cover! Most importantly, it keeps getting better. Each issue is 100% better than the last...P.S. if Danyel Smith or Baze Mpinja is reading, I will gladly work for peanuts as an assistant/lacky/slave after May 12, 2007...

2) Carol's Daughter Body and Bath Oil in Ocean. Wow. What can you say about an $18 bottle of oil? It's absolutely fabulous! I love it and will probably use it every day until the day I die. The scent is so sweet and natural and the oil itself is perfect for those rough, hyper-pigmented areas. Ooo, It's heaven.

3) Funk Flex's podcasts on Hot 97. Sue me, I love hip-hop. I love the conscious stuff, the gully stuff, the Eastern stuff, the Southern stuff, the lean-wit-it-rock-wit-it stuff, I love it all. And Funk Flex is the master, getting dishy, gushy, nasty with all of the games top artists. I wait patiently every week for his 40-minute interviews to download onto my iTunes.

4) HBO Original Series. Probably the reason I never made it to my 9am Fitness class last semester. The Sopranos, reruns of Sex and the City, the fourth season of The Wire, Big Love, Deadwood, Extras, Curb Your Enthusiasm, every show HBO messes with is a dime. I love them all but The Wire is my hands down favorite.

5) Method products. I currently use their aroma soy candles in grapefruit and pear and it's amazing because I never realized what an impact I was making on the earth just from burning regular candles. These products emit a much lower percentage of toxins than ordinary products and still do a great job of keeping your place smelling right.

6) iCal. For non-Apple users, it's a really cool calendar system, kind of like Outlook but 20X better. I love that I can schedule my whole life in there, set up regular reminders and download my calendar onto my iPod. It keeps me on track and I'm so into it.

7) JANE. The best pound-for-pound magazine on newsstands for young women. I love what Brandon Holley has done with it since it was acquired by Conde Nast last year. The cover artists are routinely some of my favorites (Heidi Klum, Anne Hathaway and Hilary Duff this year) and the back stories are HILARIOUS. I never got to read Sassy (I am patiently waiting for the arrival of "How Sassy Changed My Life") and I think that this is the next best thing for the late teen/early 20-er.

8) The Boondocks on YouTube. Man. Funny. I know I don't need to tell anyone how this analytical, subversive comedy keeps everyone cracking up and being able to see my favorite jokes over and over again on my computer is GREAT ("Game recognize game and you lookin' kinda unfamiliar!"-Riley) . I say, YouTube for president!

Watch one of my favorites!

9) London. I am more than a little obsessed with moving across the pond one day. I don't know why since I hate cold weather and get antsy on the 3 1/2 hour flights from DC to Dallas, but I think living in uber-fab London would be a very cool existence. Well, at least the London Bridget Jones and the people from Love Actually live in.

10) Teacakes. Not the cookie, the bookclub. Founded in December 2006 by two Southern Belles turned East Coast warriors, it's more than a club, it's a consortium, meeting of minds, a place for up and coming professionals to kick back, relax and gab it up about our favorite pieces of literature. Read with us--this month's selection is Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Required Reading

I recently saw a commercial advertising the release of Bridge To Terabithia, a great novel by Katherine Patterson that I read as an elementary-school student. I realized that many of my favorite Bluebonnet Books (Texas readers know all about those Bluebonnet Books) are now major movies. My top five:

1. Shrek! by William Steig. This 1994 Bluebonnet Award winner became a 2 part movies series in the early 2000s. The movies only vaguely resembles the big, green monster in the books, but are still hilarious and cute.

2. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor. Not really a major motion picture but it was made into a movie. This was one of my favorite books in 2nd grade. I secretly believed that I was as smart and brave as Cassie :)

3. Polar Express by Chris vanAllsburg. I remember loving this book in Kindergarten but I saw the movie and thought that it was more than a little weird. Nonetheless, the imagary of this book is alive and well in my memory, over 15 years later.

4. How to Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell. I remember reading this book and absolutely loving it. I heard my little cousin talking about the movie this year and it completely sent lots of memories forward. Third grade, Miss Bennett's class, my best friends Demetra, Derrica and Denise, the Bethlehem Center. Good times.

5. The Baby-Sitters Club Series by Ann M. Martin. Perhaps the series that started it all. I began reading my sister's BSC books when I was in 1st or 2nd grade and didn't put them down until I was absolutely too old for them (I'm talking like 8th grade, sadly). I read every single book in the series from #1 (when there were only 4 baby-sitters) to the #100 (when there were 9, including a boy alternate). These girls became a huge part of my childhood, with me wanting to start my own baby-sitters club, being a faithful member of the fan club for years, and helping me to foster my budding writing career because I wanted to be just like Ann M. Martin ( I started writing a series of books about a group of cheerleaders when I was in 6th grade; my good friend Tiffany wrote them as her favorite books on a class questionnaire that year :) ).

The movie, sadly, was a huge dissapointment, especially since I had been watching the series on Disney (when it was still a premium channel, lol) for years. The understatement of the century: I hearted the Baby-Sitters Club.

I need to find a mentee so that I can revisit some of my childhood faves!
Whitney :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Something to Smile About!

J. Hud won the Golden Globe! Who says experts know everything? This chick keeps proving her detractors (ahem, Simon?) wrong. I luv it! Congratulations Jennifer!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Religion Vs. Spirituality

There are some debates that rock the world. Nature vs. Nurture? Paper or Plastic? And now, Religion vs. Spirituality. It seems everywhere you turn, someone is denouncing "Organized Religion," I guess as opposed to Disorganized Religion. Jay-Z, Beyonce, Madonna and others have gone on record dismissing the idea of having a religion, stating instead that they are spiritual. I have spoken to many Howard students that have made similar statements. This bugs me for so many reasons (doesn't it seem like I'm always ranting? I should change the name of this blog from "Bad Girl's Guide" to "Why I'm Pissed Off").

First off, it's assuming that being a part of a religion automatically cancels out any sort of spirituality. Going to church, mosque or temple means you're a machine with no emotional connection to God? Whatever. While it's true that I've encountered many a church-lady or man with nary an ounce of God in them, that is not true for most. I regularly attend church and am as spiritual as anyone.

Secondly, it's a lame excuse for not wanting to get out of bed on Sunday mornings (or Saturday, if you're a Seventh Day Adventist). It's taking the lazy way out. Not wanting to deal with some of the more inconvenient aspects of being in a relationship with God. It's the bitter that goes with the sweet. Fasting, Religious Services, Studying. All that goes along with the easier tasks like prayer, meditation and listening to Kirk Franklin.

So, I'm officially weighing in on this debate. The verdict? It's irrelevant. If someone asks you about your religious views and you haven't went to church in 2 months, but you don't want to sound like a regular back-slider, don't take the easy way out and say, "I'm more spiritual than religious. I don't belong to a religion." Just tell the truth.

Let that marinate,
Whitney ;)

I Have A Dream

This MLK Day, I took the time to think long and hard about some of my dreams. It seems that everyday, I hear or see something that discourages me, makes me think twice about some of my goals. I begin to wonder, can I really do that? I mean, I'm just a black girl from Texas, how can I compete with the legions of women with more money, connections and power?

But then I think about something that I heard in church years ago, Dreams are like your babies. They are precious and should be protected. Don't allow just anyone to hold them. Don't share them with everyone. Protect them and nourish them in the comfort of your own home until they grow strong enough to survive on their own.

I'm thankful to people like Dr. King who helped to create a world in which little black girls all over the country feel safe enough to dream big and realize that our world is as big and as great as we make it.

Happy MLK Day! Keep All of YOUR Dreams Alive!
Whitney :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Home of My Own

Alas, it is January 2007 and I am a mere 15 credit hours away from obtaining the only degree I will probably ever earn (Grad school = Boring = Hell to naw Bobby) and I seem to be only able to think about homes. Apartments, condos, brownstones, houses, you know somewhere to live. As a college student, I've gotten used to sharing. Sharing rooms, sharing bathrooms, sharing toilet paper (Ok, who's week is it to put the toilet paper in??), everything. I sometimes think that the whole meaning of college is to teach big kids how to share. But now that I am officially grown (21 y'all!) I am getting into the idea of having a place to myself, free of roommates and sharing. A place where I can throw my clothes around and pick them up when I feel like it, leave the dishes in the sink for as long as I want, not have to wonder who ate my Oreos or why the hell the electricity bill is so high.

Also, home ownership is very high on my list of priorities, though it is a lot more difficult to own in a city like New York, I would really like to stop renting by the time I am 25. It's really like throwing money down the drain when you are paying someone else instead of building wealth for yourself.

Which also gets me to thinking about New York in the first place. I remember having this convo with a friend last year who said that people in NY give up so much. Because the cost of living is so exorbitant, your options are slightly more limited. Traveling, home ownership and other luxuries become near impossible. But it's such a great city, with so much more opportunity than the average place, that it's worth it to most.

I think that I'm at a stage when I am trying to figure out who I want to be "when I grow up" and in doing that I crave alone-time. Part of that is never feeling fully alone or fully adult. I'm still so in-between, straddling girlhood and womanhood that it gets frustrating and I want to hurry and leap into one or the other. Sometimes I feel like college is all about being in limbo. Everything's so impermanent. I used to love the idea of traveling a lot, but now I have a semi-severe case of aero-anxiety, I hate to fly. Part of it is that I am ALWAYS alone and it gets lonely, another part of it is that it is absolutely necessary to do it, which makes it feel like a chore. And moving. I feel like that's all I ever do. Pack up and put some stuff in storage, leave some stuff at home, bring some stuff with you, oh and ship the rest. I lose everything and I'm constantly looking for something only to discover its thousands of miles away.

I just want to get somewhere and sit down. Not sign a 12-month lease, not sublet, not stay somewhere for awhile, but get my own home and finally be able to hang pictures, adopt a puppy, paint walls and host dinner parties. But I know that theres a season for everything. I think I'm just getting antsy for the season's to change.

Monday, January 08, 2007

It's A Beautiful Life

MTV is hell-bent on blowing the lid off of all of the "glamorous" industries--TV (remember that show Faking the Video?), "Fashion" (The Hills--this former fashion intern thinks that the show was the farthest thing from an actual fashion job she's ever seen/read/heard of) and now journalism and dance with I'm From Rolling Stone and Dance Life.

I initially thought that the Rolling Stone show would be great, genius, epic. I saw the commercials and pointed at the TV saying, "That's my summer experience!" But after watching the first episode last night I think that it's going to be a repeat of The Hills. A repeat being it will be staged, badly scripted, completely unrealistic and a gross understatement of the amount of work that goes into putting together Rock n' Roll's bible.

Proving my point, of the 6 interns chosen, they include 1 rugby party guy that didn't answer his phone (though you assume that they were told to be expecting a call around a certain time because everyone else is on pins and needles waiting) and tells Joe Levy that he wrote his first assignment drunk.

There were other examples of the lack of realism, but that was the most ridiculous one. On to the positives:

Finally! The world gets to see what it is that magazine editors do! If I had a penny for everytime someone asked me what exactly people do at magazines...I would have about $10? Seriously, many people are clueless about the process (because, really, it's not something that most need to be educated on, right?).

But I'll see. My hometown paper, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram wrote a good review of the first episode also. It seems nearly all journalists, writers in general, and anyone who has ever had a real internship at a media company is scoffing at this sitcom being packaged as a reality show...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Out With the Old, In With the New

In honor of the new year I have changed my blog template (white is so crisp, clean and uncluttered, right?). I hope everyone enjoys it! I am also changing all kinds of other things. Though I don't beleive in New Year's Resolutions because resolutions are things that are created to be broken. But I am bringing in the 2007 in a big way.

First up? A 12 day cleansing fast that I am doing in conjunction with my uber-fab place of worship, Abiding Word Church! From sunrise until 3pm I won't be putting a ting (that's thing with a slight accent) in my mouth. I am also fasting from TV until 3pm each day. I think most 80's babies will agree that TV destroys any sort of productivity that one needs to get ahead and become the next Oprah/Hugh Hefner/Jay-Z/Diddy/Jann Wenner/Ed Lewis-ish media mogul.

Everyone knows I'm a hustler, I'm a, I'm a hustler, homie! First HU, now the world! Howard University is conferring this sista a degree in just a few months and it's time for me to take over the world. My next step? NYC baby. I'm moving to the big apple, mixing baby steps with big leaps, and building my media group in 2007!

Puerto Rico was made for toned bodies to prance around in skimpy clothing. Alas, I am not toned and will be landing in the great city of San Juan, Puerto Rico in March. So, I'll also be embarking on a 9-week program to lose weight, tone up and get healthy.

Bienvenue a 2007 biatches!!!