Monday, January 15, 2007

I Have A Dream

This MLK Day, I took the time to think long and hard about some of my dreams. It seems that everyday, I hear or see something that discourages me, makes me think twice about some of my goals. I begin to wonder, can I really do that? I mean, I'm just a black girl from Texas, how can I compete with the legions of women with more money, connections and power?

But then I think about something that I heard in church years ago, Dreams are like your babies. They are precious and should be protected. Don't allow just anyone to hold them. Don't share them with everyone. Protect them and nourish them in the comfort of your own home until they grow strong enough to survive on their own.

I'm thankful to people like Dr. King who helped to create a world in which little black girls all over the country feel safe enough to dream big and realize that our world is as big and as great as we make it.

Happy MLK Day! Keep All of YOUR Dreams Alive!
Whitney :)

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Nikita said...

That's right girl! I'm feelin you on this! lol. I jus happened to see this link on Melissa's page. I'm so glad I did :)