Monday, January 08, 2007

It's A Beautiful Life

MTV is hell-bent on blowing the lid off of all of the "glamorous" industries--TV (remember that show Faking the Video?), "Fashion" (The Hills--this former fashion intern thinks that the show was the farthest thing from an actual fashion job she's ever seen/read/heard of) and now journalism and dance with I'm From Rolling Stone and Dance Life.

I initially thought that the Rolling Stone show would be great, genius, epic. I saw the commercials and pointed at the TV saying, "That's my summer experience!" But after watching the first episode last night I think that it's going to be a repeat of The Hills. A repeat being it will be staged, badly scripted, completely unrealistic and a gross understatement of the amount of work that goes into putting together Rock n' Roll's bible.

Proving my point, of the 6 interns chosen, they include 1 rugby party guy that didn't answer his phone (though you assume that they were told to be expecting a call around a certain time because everyone else is on pins and needles waiting) and tells Joe Levy that he wrote his first assignment drunk.

There were other examples of the lack of realism, but that was the most ridiculous one. On to the positives:

Finally! The world gets to see what it is that magazine editors do! If I had a penny for everytime someone asked me what exactly people do at magazines...I would have about $10? Seriously, many people are clueless about the process (because, really, it's not something that most need to be educated on, right?).

But I'll see. My hometown paper, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram wrote a good review of the first episode also. It seems nearly all journalists, writers in general, and anyone who has ever had a real internship at a media company is scoffing at this sitcom being packaged as a reality show...

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