Monday, January 22, 2007

The Opposite of I'm So Over It- Part Deux

I'm not Oprah (yet), and millions of people will not go out and buy my favorite things, but there a few people, places, things and ideas (yea, nouns) that I am feeling so much, I can't keep them to myself! A few:

1) VibeVixen. Finally! Somebody got it right. This magazine has it all-- practical beauty pages, fantastic fashion spreads, thoughtful profiles and girl-of-the moment cover articles. I love, love, love, love, love this magazine! And, I think I should note that I didn't jump on the bandwagon with the current issue, I saw the vast potential way back when with the Kimora Lee Simmons cover! Most importantly, it keeps getting better. Each issue is 100% better than the last...P.S. if Danyel Smith or Baze Mpinja is reading, I will gladly work for peanuts as an assistant/lacky/slave after May 12, 2007...

2) Carol's Daughter Body and Bath Oil in Ocean. Wow. What can you say about an $18 bottle of oil? It's absolutely fabulous! I love it and will probably use it every day until the day I die. The scent is so sweet and natural and the oil itself is perfect for those rough, hyper-pigmented areas. Ooo, It's heaven.

3) Funk Flex's podcasts on Hot 97. Sue me, I love hip-hop. I love the conscious stuff, the gully stuff, the Eastern stuff, the Southern stuff, the lean-wit-it-rock-wit-it stuff, I love it all. And Funk Flex is the master, getting dishy, gushy, nasty with all of the games top artists. I wait patiently every week for his 40-minute interviews to download onto my iTunes.

4) HBO Original Series. Probably the reason I never made it to my 9am Fitness class last semester. The Sopranos, reruns of Sex and the City, the fourth season of The Wire, Big Love, Deadwood, Extras, Curb Your Enthusiasm, every show HBO messes with is a dime. I love them all but The Wire is my hands down favorite.

5) Method products. I currently use their aroma soy candles in grapefruit and pear and it's amazing because I never realized what an impact I was making on the earth just from burning regular candles. These products emit a much lower percentage of toxins than ordinary products and still do a great job of keeping your place smelling right.

6) iCal. For non-Apple users, it's a really cool calendar system, kind of like Outlook but 20X better. I love that I can schedule my whole life in there, set up regular reminders and download my calendar onto my iPod. It keeps me on track and I'm so into it.

7) JANE. The best pound-for-pound magazine on newsstands for young women. I love what Brandon Holley has done with it since it was acquired by Conde Nast last year. The cover artists are routinely some of my favorites (Heidi Klum, Anne Hathaway and Hilary Duff this year) and the back stories are HILARIOUS. I never got to read Sassy (I am patiently waiting for the arrival of "How Sassy Changed My Life") and I think that this is the next best thing for the late teen/early 20-er.

8) The Boondocks on YouTube. Man. Funny. I know I don't need to tell anyone how this analytical, subversive comedy keeps everyone cracking up and being able to see my favorite jokes over and over again on my computer is GREAT ("Game recognize game and you lookin' kinda unfamiliar!"-Riley) . I say, YouTube for president!

Watch one of my favorites!

9) London. I am more than a little obsessed with moving across the pond one day. I don't know why since I hate cold weather and get antsy on the 3 1/2 hour flights from DC to Dallas, but I think living in uber-fab London would be a very cool existence. Well, at least the London Bridget Jones and the people from Love Actually live in.

10) Teacakes. Not the cookie, the bookclub. Founded in December 2006 by two Southern Belles turned East Coast warriors, it's more than a club, it's a consortium, meeting of minds, a place for up and coming professionals to kick back, relax and gab it up about our favorite pieces of literature. Read with us--this month's selection is Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin.

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Elle* said...

I am so feeling you on alot of this things here. I finally ante'd up and got my subscription to VibeVixen! I love it! I never read Jane though, somehow I never thought it was for my age group, Now I gotta pick one up just cuz I'm nosy. lol, And Yea, I read about your book club over on Queen's blog. Get ready to CRY your heart out when reading "Giovanni's Room". I did. Straight broke out in tears on the D train. It's one of my faves, and yes, love the blog. I heart Tia Williams too! She's my hero. Ok, I'm ending this novella.