Monday, January 15, 2007

Religion Vs. Spirituality

There are some debates that rock the world. Nature vs. Nurture? Paper or Plastic? And now, Religion vs. Spirituality. It seems everywhere you turn, someone is denouncing "Organized Religion," I guess as opposed to Disorganized Religion. Jay-Z, Beyonce, Madonna and others have gone on record dismissing the idea of having a religion, stating instead that they are spiritual. I have spoken to many Howard students that have made similar statements. This bugs me for so many reasons (doesn't it seem like I'm always ranting? I should change the name of this blog from "Bad Girl's Guide" to "Why I'm Pissed Off").

First off, it's assuming that being a part of a religion automatically cancels out any sort of spirituality. Going to church, mosque or temple means you're a machine with no emotional connection to God? Whatever. While it's true that I've encountered many a church-lady or man with nary an ounce of God in them, that is not true for most. I regularly attend church and am as spiritual as anyone.

Secondly, it's a lame excuse for not wanting to get out of bed on Sunday mornings (or Saturday, if you're a Seventh Day Adventist). It's taking the lazy way out. Not wanting to deal with some of the more inconvenient aspects of being in a relationship with God. It's the bitter that goes with the sweet. Fasting, Religious Services, Studying. All that goes along with the easier tasks like prayer, meditation and listening to Kirk Franklin.

So, I'm officially weighing in on this debate. The verdict? It's irrelevant. If someone asks you about your religious views and you haven't went to church in 2 months, but you don't want to sound like a regular back-slider, don't take the easy way out and say, "I'm more spiritual than religious. I don't belong to a religion." Just tell the truth.

Let that marinate,
Whitney ;)


Your sis said...

You're so funny!!! Who would expose our Texan roots talking about "nary", lol. Luv ya!!!

Melissa said...

You're so right. I've heard the spiritual claim countless times by people who simply want to separate themselves from the few people in organized religion that may make them look bad. I will let that marinate.

epiphany said...
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epiphany said...

I love the way you think.... religion is a major topic that is very touchy and sometimes that upsets me. We can talk about the things that go on in the world, sex, drugs, and money... not just any money but the "dirty" money as well. you know what i mean. It seems that we can talk about anything but and this is what we should be talking about. Religion. I think that we have lost ourselves in a sense because we've lost the morals that we had and the faith that we once kept so close to home. Whats happening?