Saturday, January 20, 2007

Required Reading

I recently saw a commercial advertising the release of Bridge To Terabithia, a great novel by Katherine Patterson that I read as an elementary-school student. I realized that many of my favorite Bluebonnet Books (Texas readers know all about those Bluebonnet Books) are now major movies. My top five:

1. Shrek! by William Steig. This 1994 Bluebonnet Award winner became a 2 part movies series in the early 2000s. The movies only vaguely resembles the big, green monster in the books, but are still hilarious and cute.

2. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor. Not really a major motion picture but it was made into a movie. This was one of my favorite books in 2nd grade. I secretly believed that I was as smart and brave as Cassie :)

3. Polar Express by Chris vanAllsburg. I remember loving this book in Kindergarten but I saw the movie and thought that it was more than a little weird. Nonetheless, the imagary of this book is alive and well in my memory, over 15 years later.

4. How to Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell. I remember reading this book and absolutely loving it. I heard my little cousin talking about the movie this year and it completely sent lots of memories forward. Third grade, Miss Bennett's class, my best friends Demetra, Derrica and Denise, the Bethlehem Center. Good times.

5. The Baby-Sitters Club Series by Ann M. Martin. Perhaps the series that started it all. I began reading my sister's BSC books when I was in 1st or 2nd grade and didn't put them down until I was absolutely too old for them (I'm talking like 8th grade, sadly). I read every single book in the series from #1 (when there were only 4 baby-sitters) to the #100 (when there were 9, including a boy alternate). These girls became a huge part of my childhood, with me wanting to start my own baby-sitters club, being a faithful member of the fan club for years, and helping me to foster my budding writing career because I wanted to be just like Ann M. Martin ( I started writing a series of books about a group of cheerleaders when I was in 6th grade; my good friend Tiffany wrote them as her favorite books on a class questionnaire that year :) ).

The movie, sadly, was a huge dissapointment, especially since I had been watching the series on Disney (when it was still a premium channel, lol) for years. The understatement of the century: I hearted the Baby-Sitters Club.

I need to find a mentee so that I can revisit some of my childhood faves!
Whitney :)


Anonymous said...

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry & Let the Circle Be Unbroken are two of my favorites!

Miss Yasmine said...

I've read Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry AND Babysitter's Club books...did you ever read any of the American Girl series? They were all the rage in 3rd Grade...Me and the rest of my roughandtoughwitourafropuff friends were reading Addy books by Connie Porter. All of mine are signed! :)

Melissa said...

Roll of Thunder? Babysitter's Club? Childhood, is that you...?