Tuesday, January 23, 2007

We're Your Dreamgirls, Boys We'll You Make You Happy....

Wow. I'm excited! Dreamgirls was nominated for 8 Oscars!!! I know, I know, I'm so over the Oscars, I didn't forget. But it is great that so many great black actors are being recognized. I am not surprised that Beyonce and Jamie Foxx didn't get nods. Affirmative Action is horrible when the awards are unmerited (not that it doesn't happen to white people all the time, but y'all know how that goes...). I did not think that they did an exceptional job...good, yes, but not award-winning. I'm glad that the Academy saw what I saw, which were scintillating performances from Jennifer and Eddie.

I also thought that Anika Noni Rose was great! She's sooooo slept on as the "third" Dreamgirl (kind of like Michelle from Destiny's Child, I guess)..maybe it's like a middle-child kind of part.

Something else I loved about the movie? The soundtrack! On my way out of the theatre I was humming ALL of the songs! From "Dreamgirls" to "Love You I Do," which was my personal favorite, to "Jimmy Got Soul," in which I think Eddie kind of got into a Eddie Murphy-the-comedian moment, but it worked, because Jimmy was a funny guy.

The other Black actors? I can speak for their talent, but, unfortunately, I can't speak for their performances since I haven't seen "The Pursuit of Happiness," or "The Last King of Scotland." My vote? Forest Whitaker. Besides the fact that he's from Longview, Texas (my family's also from East Texas...so there is 9/10 chance that we are related...), he's an amazing talent and has starred in and directed an amazing body of work. I love Will Smith, though, and it is his second nomination. The Academy is good about timing...they don't want someone to be nominated too many times without actually winning.

Anyway, can you tell I'm excited? I hope that this will open doors for more deserving thespians (uhh...Angela Bassett, anyone?) of color.

Now I need to go find someone to watch all of these Oscar-nominated movies with...
Whitney :)


queen-to-be said...

hey! I updated . . .and at least inside the same month! loving the regular progmmaing and the new look. I gotta catch up with u now. And it's winter . . .so time to get a warm body to watch those movies with. Im trying myself . .

Anonymous said...

Forest was AWESOME in The Last King of Scotland. I have seen all of the movies (I am a indie film addict and spend lots of time at the E Street Theatre, Bethesda Row and the AFI in Silv Spring)....my favs are Last King of Scotland, The Queen and Notes on a Scandal. I'm not a fan of Dreamgirls, so I have my fingers crossed for Blanchett.

I thought it was funny when Jamie Foxx said something like "And the Incredible thing is this movie (Dreamgirls) isnt being played in all theatres". He MUST NOT be up on his Oscar faqs... MOST movies that get Oscar noms (and most that win) are not in mainstream theatres until AFTER the Oscar buzz. Clearly, The Painted Veil is playing at all of two theatres in the entire DC Metro area. When The Queen was originally released it was only shown at the E Street theatre for 3 weeks...then MONTHS later after it gained Golden Globe nods, it was shown widespread.