Monday, January 22, 2007

You Actually Read That?

Note: I apologize for the changing colors of this blog. I am experimenting with different color combinations. If you want to shorten the process, let me know which colors are most pleasing to your eyes!

Today, I had a revelation. I'm not writing for myself, people actually read this blog! Case in point, today Nikita said (via yahoo messenger):

Me: Nikita!!!
nikitam: hi!
Me: what's up?
nikitam: ok so i have something to confess
Me: ??
nikitam: I'm OBSESSED with your blog, lol

I was soo surprised, I didn't know that anyone besides my sister read it! And then, minutes later, Michael, who is impossible to please when it comes to blogging, said (also via messenger):

Michael: I am so proud of you for updating your blog.
Me: lol [...] on a regular basis too
Michael: I know. I'm very proud.

But Melissa, mean as she is, kind of dished (that's not a's cuter than saying dissed) my color choices. She said the green was making her physically ill and I kind of agreed so I changed the color up a little. But don't worry, the content will stay the same (if you can call off-the-dome rants content...)!

But it's a little gratifying to know that there are people out there who read what I write :)...and it motivates me to do better and come with stuff more often!

So now that I know who reads my blog, let me tell you what blogs I love:

The Cynical Ones: You knew this was coming right? Funny. Sarcastic. Smart. Did I say funny?

Life, Love, Lipgloss: Besides the great title, it's authored by Susan. Why wouldn't I check it out regularly?

Queen to Be: Another obvious one. This girl is smart and funny in her "Adventures of a Co-Ed"-type blog.

The Little Black Girl That Could: A must for magazine wannabes. Chronicles the successes, struggles and shoes of a 20-something that's just trying to make it on the mean halls of Time, Inc.

Urbane Girl: Where I go for a dose of sophistication. Urbane Girl keeps us in the know with up-to-the minute fashion and beauty coverage and insights into the luxe life.

A World Tour...Well Kinda
: What's cooler than traveling around the world? Umm..nothing! Howard University business student takes everyone with her as she spends 5 months in France.

Beauty Buzz: TeenVogue's resident beautyista Eva Chen brings us all things beautiful and fab, from NY to Tokyo, to everywhere in between.

Shake Your Beauty
: The Grandmommy of blogs (for me anyway)..Miss Tia tells all, from beauty to sex to career advice. What can I say, she's my shero!

Check Them Out!
Whitney :)


Michael said...

What do you mean I'm impossible to please when it comes to blogging? I only point out you update your blog twice every quarter. Mmph.

Anonymous said...

Aww thanks for the blog mention! I changed my look up a bit yesterday (new header)...check it out.

Melissa said...

I didn't dish it! The color was just making me sick, that's all. :-) Keep ranting so I can bring laughter to the otherwise quiet computer lab. And I'll see you in Vegas in October, fyi.