Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Love A Good Diva-Off!

You're sick to death of Oscar coverage, I get it. Afterall, with no real fashion mishaps (I REFUSE to comment on J. Hud's Ghetto Jetson ensemble...BTW that's not my phrase but it is so appropo ;) the coverage is a little ho-hum anyway. BUT the highlight of the night came in the form of a true diva vs. diva battle royale when America's favorite Dreamgirl half-heartedly upstaged America's former favorite Dreamgirl! And they wore red dresses! What else could you ask for?

Now, I know they say that there's no beef, but I don't believe it. I wasn't born yesterday and I know a battle when I see one. It didn't match the great Houston/Carey match-up of the '90's but it was our generation's version.

Jennifer: I love you III dooo!
Beyonce: I looovee you IIII doooo!
Jennifer: Said, I looooovveee you IIIII doooo!

You get the idea...

Don't believe me, take a look!

*In RuPaul's voice* You Betta WORK!
Whitney :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hold On, THAT's who sings that song?

Southern rap is, almost by definition, underground. It's local, grassroots, regional, not national. So by the time things finally get to MTV, if they make it that far, they're normally old news to regional rap fans. Geto Boys, UGK, Cash Money, Swishahouse, Screwed Up Click, the artist formerly known as T.I.P. and many others have been around longer than any of them would care to admit.

But because of the local nature, it can be years after you've become a fan of an artist's music that you actually see what they look like. Now, most rappers are unattractive, but in my opinion, Southern rappers pretty much take the cake. More than once, I've done a double-take, like WHOA! YOU are behind my favorite-song-of-the-moment? I experienced this the other day, when I saw Lil' Boosie (of recent Zoom fame) on TRL...

Perfect segue to Webbie, a labelemate of Boosie's. I luv Webbie a lot, he's probably in my top 20 right now, but I honestly grimaced when I saw him for the first time a couple of years back...

Though he would probably vehemently disagree, this dude does NOT look the way I thought...Young Joc, Young Joc, O Young Joc.

Let us also not forget the guys that obviously win the gold in this category...Franchise Boyz (I could also take this time to point out that their style "Snap" is not original and certainly not native to Atlanta as I have grown up listening to artists from the Dallas/Fort Worth region of the country produce music that is oddly familiar...but that's another post...)

Southern rappers, if you're reading, don't be offended...it's just my opinion and what do I really know?

Whitney ;)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dances with Ques

Funny Stories:

-Fall 2005: A friend and I were at a Que house party standing near the doorway trying to catch our breathe and get a breeze from the open door. A member of the frat walked past me and started to dance with me. I just stood there and looked at him, because clearly I was tired and hot. He tried to grab my hands and dance. Again, I resisted. He dropped my hands, shook his head and muttered, "Being a Que don't mean NOTHING these days."

-Spring 2007: I am waiting in the doctor's office with a pounding headache, body aches and a sore throat, among other ailments. An older Vietnamese woman is sitting across from me with her young grandson, furiously speaking Vietnamese on her cell phone. Her grandson is terrorizing the office, climbing on chairs, throwing toy cars over to the receptionist's station and yelling at everyone (including shouting "MOTHERFOOKER" at his grandmother). Except for the occasional slap to his butt, his grandma ignores him. After a particularly loud and annoying outburst from the boy, she turns to me and asks, "HELP ME! Make him shut up!"

-A few hours ago: This is what happens when you have a "glamourous" job in Fashion, PR or Entertainment. You end up racing behind a gorgeous celebrity, trying to fix her dress.

<----Click image to enlarge, and take a look at all the people following her. See how many you recognize from her VH1 Driven special...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Like His Style

It's 2am, I can't sleep, my nostrils take turns not working (right now it's the right one), my voice is non-existent and even though my temperature has to be 200 degrees, I'm freezing. What's the ONLY thing keeping me from jumping out of my skin? The soothing sounds of Ray LaMontagne. I only have 2 of his songs (Trouble, which I first heard in JCPenney and couldn't get out of my head; and Shelter, which I heard during the movie Prime), but I keep playing them over and over again. Somehow, it makes studying for a French test a tad bit easier.

Definitely check him (isn't the album cover cool? Chick with her eyes blindfolded dancing with the devil...powerful symbolism)

Completely living the Sniffles in the City life,
Whitney :-(