Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Let's Bury This Word...

Michael and I are self-proclaimed "word Nazi's."I realize this. And, frankly, as a writer, it would be more of a crime not to be. But as a Sergeant for the pen, there are some words that I absolutely abhor. Number 1 on my list right now? Outgoing. I have never liked the word. And as a grown-butt-woman I like it even less. It serves no purpose.
There are at least a hundred words that are more sufficient. Vivacious. Spirited. Luminous. Magnetic. The meanings are slightly different, but they all describe someone with a zest for life and a quality that draws people to her. Outgoing just reminds me of 5th grade. More specifically, my 5th grade campaign speech. "I should be voted President of Miss Ashley's 5th grade class because I will be a smart, outgoing representative for the class."
Let's do everyone a favor and outlaw this word...at least in written communication.
Love You Less!
Whitney :)

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Mademoiselle M said...

thanks for deciding to update more... u keep leaving me hanging. haha, but its been forever since I did mine so I understand!