Friday, March 23, 2007

Pon De Beating?

I really hate blogs that only post celeb pictures for us regular folk to comment on (i.e. rip to shreds), but I had a physical reaction to this shot that was posted by Reuters (and umm, since when did Ty Ty become a record producer? Whoever writes these captions should be shot...). Rihanna, step away, just step away. As much as Beyonce tries to play up that sweet Southern girl persona, we all know she'd man up and beat a biznatch down for messing with Big Jay. I mean, I'm just saying...

FYI: I just spellchecked this post...why do all the R&B singers have such ghetto names? Can we get one black celeb whose name won't make SpellCheck hyperventilate?

Til Next Time (Which will probably be in about an hour),
Whitney :-D

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Melissa said...

Oh Ri-Ri, better watch your back.