Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hello World! It's Me Whitney :)

So, I'm not dead, on bed rest or trapped under a 2 ton boulder. But I have been going to school, pulling double-duty in the part-time job department, ceding student organizational power and getting my ish together for my....drum roll please....GRADUATION!!!

Yes, ladies and gentle-man, I am officially an alumna of Howard University! Class of 2007, please stand up! And, to make things enormously better, Oprah Winfrey aka my Shero, was the Commencement Speaker!

Besides being her usual fabulous self, she was wonderfully inspiring. When President Swygert presented her with the honorary Doctor of Humanities degree, she cried beautifully stating that that the honor meant more to her than others because it came from her own :)

Her speech was poignant and exactly what I needed to here. The most memorable quote came in the very beginning when she told the crowd (over 27,000 including visitors in "remote viewing locations") that parents and grandparents all dream a dream for us, no matter how small. Her grandmother, Hattie Mae Lee, told her to grow up and "get you some good white folks to work for." Oprah told us that she only wished that her grandmother had lived to see that she sure does "have some good white folks working for her." Ballin!

Beyond that, she spoke of working as a news anchor for 8 years, even though she hated it. She stayed partially because of her father, who told her that she'd never make $25,000 in one year if she quit. The network hated her work, telling her that she was too much and threw her on a talk show, just to run out her contract. From there she was brought to AM Chicago (later the Oprah Winfrey Show) and the rest, as they say, is history.

She warned us not to worry about finding our perfect job (great because I tend to obsess over this!) and to just be ourselves which allows us to find what we truly love.

Already determined to let the world know what's what, I am now infinitely more determined to do me and let all the success and happiness I can stand shower over me! Thanks Oprah!

I promise not to stay away so long :(


Mademoiselle M said...

MY LOVE! YOU ARE BACK! I am sosooosososososoosoooo proud of you!!! I don't even think I can express it enough (and people are looking at me crazy cuz i'm cheesing hard and sending invisible hugs ur way!) I saw the speech of THE Oprah Winfrey via WHUT through my boyfriend's webcam! I was so excited and it was BEAUTIFUL. I'm so jealous that she wasn't there for my graduation. So what are the plans for the summer? Do share... we have catching up to do. My yahoo messenger will be forever on so hit me up when ur online ok!?

BISES!! xoxoxo

Mademoiselle M said...

i should say "won't be there for my graudation" being that I have two more semesters to go lol

Keyashia said...

Contratulations on your Contribution Whitney!

queen-to-be said...

yes, welcome back to blogland bad girl! Our classmate Dr. Winfrey was truly amazinq and I couldnt have shared that experience with a better person sitting next to me:) Check yourself out in the pic on my post

Mademoiselle M said...

*cough*cough* you're doing it again...