Friday, July 20, 2007

All the World's A Ralph Lauren Ad...

I actually just love Ralph ads and plan to live a real-life version of them in the near future....

Peeps, I happened to take a gander at my alleged blog (only because I accidentally clicked the link at the top of my browser) and realized that it hadn't been updated in almost 2 months! ARRGH! It seems like just yesterday that I was regularly poring my heart out on this thing regularly.

Much has happened since I last posted...

-I've moved from my pseudo-home in Washington, DC to my real home in Fort Worth, Texas.

-The best magazine on newstands today, JANE, will cease production after the August 2007 issue.

-I've taken up the noble sport of running...pray for me y'all, I can barely do a mile and a half without having to practically re-charge my heart with those metal irons they use in movies.

-I've actually been paid to write A TON! Check out my latest spa review here.

-The fate of Harry Potter was decided! Call me a geek, but I love that little, orphaned, bespeckled wizard. I've followed his progress since I was a mere pre-teen and now am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the arrival of my pre-ordered copy...less than 24 hours!

Woo! Feels great to get some thoughts out...thanx to Mademoiselle M for encouraging me to continue to blog about my little life!

Luv Ya!