Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fashion This, Fashion That

New York Fashion Week is over. Sigh. But there have been some major developments in my world, fashion-wise, that beg to be blogged about.

Development #1: First glances of the Sex and the City movie.

Here we go! First off, can I shriek with enthusiasm over the Eiffel Tower replica? It's genius. Primarily because it tells me that they are picking up where they left annoying gaps where you have to guess what happens. Secondly because it's hot and so absolutely Carrie. Again, can't wait, wait, wait for the movie.

Development #2: When It Comes to Accessories, Kate's Got It.

Way back in the day, 'round 1999/2000, Kate Spade was the former Vogue staffer turned It-Accessories Designer of the moment. Though she's kept a core "fanbase," she's definitely not an It-Girl any longer. I'm no expert, but I must say, when it comes to accessories, you are hard-pressed to find wallets, gloves, totes and paper products more chic, colorfull and still professional.

If erasers were that hot when I was in school, I would have made better grades in Math. I'm just saying.

Development #3: The New Generation of Black Fashion Icons.

This is really still developing, but is it just me, or have y'all noticed how wonderfully Rihanna, J. Hud, Tracee Ellis Ross, Gabrielle Union and Paula Patton have stepped into the shoes formerly occupied by Diana, Tina, Patti and Jayne? Maybe it's just me, but I dig what they wear these days.

Development #4: DVF's Pimp Hand Is SO Strong.

It is arguable that Diane von Furstenberg has never lost her swagger. From inventing one of the most important pieces in modern women's wardrobe (that classic wrapdress) to wedding a prince to revamping her company over and over again. But if one were to ever say that she has, she definitely got it back with her Spring 2008 collection.

From the pimp hats titled just so (see above) to the flowy dress in forgiving fabrics that scream summer on the veranda sipping ice tea and structured warm-weather sheaths perfect for the office, it was DVF at her best. Definitely my favorite of the week.

**Singing Fashion This and Fashion That, Fashion'll beat you down with a baseball bat**



Mademoiselle M said...

LOL, you know u woulda spent all of ur time erasing ur wrong answers than more time writing correct ones!!

And i'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE with DVF's line!! Fashion week was covered by and I was gawking at all the photos.

I've actually met Diane (lol, too bad we aren't on a first name basis). When I worked at Lehman in NY last year the Women's network had an event at her shop in the meatpacking district. clients (and super cool interns with connects in sales *cough*) were invited. It was so cool. She told us the long story of her life, she's pretty inspiring. We also got free goodies - including her book which I have yet to read.

Melissa said...

What! Free goodies? Now you know I would have made a trip to the big apple AND snazzed up (yes, I said snazzed) for that. Anywho, ditto on the eraser comment. let's be real Whit you were too busy wondering why your teachers didn't have you sense of style and planning your world domination to worry about answers.

CJ said...

somebody is so over praaaada??? Yeah, the generation of Black Stlye Icons ROCKS. But uhm, can we have next:)?