Saturday, September 08, 2007

How Many of Us Have Them?

FRIENDS! How many of us have them? FRIENDS! Ones we can depend on? FRIENDS! Y'all, I'm blessed. I have more friends than I do fingers on my left hand. In my eyes, this is a humongous accomplishment since I put few in this category. The other day I was IMing one of my HU friends and something she said sparked an internal conversation (yes, with myself) about different types of friends.

Carrie Bradshaw once said that you can't depend on any one person to give you everything. While she was justifying cheating on her boyfriend with her new gay guy pal, I think the rationale perfectly applies to a circle of friends. Like those essential components of any Flyy Gals tote bag

(you know, iPod, face framing shades, titillating novel, etc), everyone should have, or instantly make, one of these friends:

1: The Sista-Friend: My sista-friend happens to really be my sister, but she still counts. This is the person that you share everything with. You know you can tell her about your successes, faults, embarassements, hopes and dreams and she won't judge you, criticize you or kick you when you're down. But please don't get it twisted, she'll let you know when you're wrong and never hesitate to remind you of your beginnings.

2: Ryde or Die: One word describes this friend. Ghetto. She makes up words (conversate?), may or may not have a gold tooth and always suggests that you slash somebody's tires. Or jump them. Either one will do. You probably met her in daycare or the low-income after school program you went to because it was within walking distance of your grandparents' house and never lost touch with her. Despite the different paths that your lives have taken, she remains one of your closest friends and is never more than a phone call away. Another word describes her: loyal.

3. The Frien-emy: I stole this word from Sex and the City because it's so incredibly fitting. Everyone has a friend that is 1 part friend, 2 parts fierce competitor and 1 part mortal enemy. You love each other to death but something about the other really brings it out of you. To figure out which of your friends fits the bill, think about which one prompts you let out a litany of profanities while chatting on AIM with her or to constantly roll your eyes while you lunch with her.

4. The Publicist: This chap or chick knows about everything approximately 10 days before it happens. Whether club promoters text her or restaurants keep him on speed dial, I don't know, but everyone needs someone in their life that is an official Guy/Gal About Town. Don't expect the publicist to listen to you complain about your internship or meet you on the highway when your car breaks down, but he/she is one of the most fun people to go out with...word to the wise, don't even think about calling it a night before 4am and since the Publicist is a fabulous gay guy 79% of the time, don't even think about coming out looking an inch less than your best.

5. The Career Connection: Your "At-Work" friend..think Whitney from The Hills. You guys met at work (hey Nicole! Essence C/O '06!) but instantly began spending all of your at-home time together. You can dish about office gossip, your career goals and ask her whether beaded sandals are appropriate for Casual Fridays. Though you met her later in life she has become one of those life friends you never expected to make after the age of 16.

I'm friendly with lots of people but the few that I count as my friends I love to pieces...Kisses!


Nicole Crowder said...

Aww Whitney! You know I love you girl. I feel so honored to be in this post :) We'll always be holding down Plimpton and Subconscious lol.

P.S This banner that I'm making is on fire!!

Melissa said...

Yeah, I do have great friends including you Whit. Good knowing you...

Anonymous said...

Yo whitney. U dont know me, but a friend of yours does. Author of The Cynical Ones.(shout out Mike) I found ur blog via his page (as u are the first refferal on his list), and must say i enjoyed reading your blogs. This one in particular, cause even us men can categorize our friends similarly. I laughed when i applied the friends and their titles cause they fit them well. Anyhow, U may have snagged a new reader. Goodluck in your endeavors, and keep doing what u do. ~D

epiphany said...

I love my friends too. : )