Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hudson In The City?!

Mes amies, you must know by now that there are fewer pleasures in my life greater than plumping (is that a word...) on the couch with chinese food and strawberry lemonade and watching some of my favorite episodes of Sex and the City. The FANTASTIC Sex and the City. The GROUNDBREAKING Sex and the City. Ahh...the good life.

Now, if there are any tragic flaws in the series, they must lie in the producers/casting directors ultimate refusal to portray any of the millions of fabulous, sexy, successful, single women of color residing in New York. Of course we had Maragaret Cho as the Runway Producer in Season 4 and Miranda's Black neighbor bitching about Brady's crying in Season 5 but it's a great stretch to say that they were characters...fillers really.

Sooooooo, imagine my utter excitement to find that Ms. Bradshaw would be hiring an assistant for the feature film version of the series. Someone young, gorgeous and a bonafide Fashion Plate, someone named JENNIFER HUDSON! When I tell you that I'm grinning like a mad woman and kicking my legs in the air with glee, please don't think that I'm exaggerating...because I kinda am! I mean, really, the levels. Any Black girl would have made my day, but y'all know how I feel about J. Hud (check this out).

My only concern? Jennifer is a For lack of a better word. I am anxious to see how the writers will make her character align with the ultra-chic, sophisticated and worldy Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. I will be first in line (ok, definitely not first, but I'll see it on the first day, ok?) to see it but I SWEAR if I see one roll of the eye, or pointing of the finger, I'll walk out and demand my $8 back. White writers have a tendency to think that accuracy in cross-cultural portrayal means writing a rude, ghetto Black woman or a spicy, slutty Latina. We'll see and I'll contain my pessimism....

But OH can you imagine the clothes? Hudson's been dressed by some of the best already (ALT, anyone?) but I can't wait until paparazzi pictures of the movie hit the 'net so that I can preview what Pat Field does with the girls, guys and Jennifer.

I predict there will be fur (no matter the season), diamonds (even on a lowly assistant who makes less than $30K annually) and high, high heels...perfect for running the streets of Manhattan on Carrie's bidding.

OK, enough about Jennifer...what are the rest of the girls up to? Are Carrie and Big together? Yeah he left California for New York but did they really manage to make it work? She put it perfectly when she said that, with Big, it's never different. How are the circumstances going to change so that those two can work out? But by far the biggest question is.....what's up with the kiddies??? SATC left us with the adorable Brady (about 1 1/2 when the show wrapped) and the cute little daughter that Charlotte and Harry adopted. Miranda can handle parenthood and a social life, but Charlotte? Definitely seems like the type to desert the clique for the baby...

Questions, questions everywhere and not a single answer in sight...

I'll keep you posted :)


Mademoiselle M said...

Wait, a movie!? where have I been? A SEX IN THE CITY MOVIE?! OMG. and with J Hud? I'm TOO excited!

*breaths in*
*breathes out*

so when does it come out?

Michael said...

Nice entry. I pray they hook J.Hud hook fashion wise for this movie. And you're right about how they stereotype. I pray she isn't the loud, "sassy" black assistant I'm already imagining her to be. Some magazine threw shade at Jennifer, talking about she's taking a role Wanda Sykes didn't want. Oh well, it's a great look for her all the same.

CJ said...

I was sooo excited Dreamgirl is in SATC. I admit I was worried for a sec what type of movie roles she'd get. But just one question, where are you going that the movies is only $8??????????

Whitney said...

Re-reading this...CJ, I saw this very movie for only $6 in NYC. Humph.