Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy October!

Happy October! I luv this month....there's Halloween, My Birthday, Oktoberfest, Boo at the Zoo, The Texas State Fair, My Birthday. Another happy event? DailyCandy, the fabulous style/lifestyle email wire-service thing, has FINALLY got a chocolate-y image (see pic). I realize most people do not view the website as a Life in the City survival guide, but I do, so it's big for me. The drawings are always so cute and chic but sooo very vanilla. Check out the Dallas version, the editor's a Brown Girl and extremely smart and funny.

Take this mini-post and look for longer ones soon. Guys, I have sooo many ideas in my head and actually have started no less than 4 blog entries in the last 2 weeks that I never finished....I think they call this, blogger's block?

Luv Ya Like A Play Cousin,


Melissa said...

LOL, only you would heart Frasier Crane. Anyway, looking forward to the new posts.

CJ said...

Yo, I love October. Most of my favorite people are Libras! seriously.
But Whit, you slippin on your pimping. DC has been had that black chick. Guess you were too busy breaking and stealing stuff at my desk last summer to notice:)

MissMonah said...

Hey! New to the blog, but I must say that I love what I've read so far. Though I should be studying, for the past 30 mins I've been reading through your past posts. I think I'm in love!..with ur blogs that is! lol.
Great blog!
Take Care