Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've Found Love...The Ones I've Been Waiting My Whole Spring For

There is always one. One piece of footwear that defines a season. Those treasured jellies you wore everywhere during the Summer of 1997, the worn flip-flops that found their way to your feet everyday of your Junior year in high school. Last summer saw me pairing everything with a great pair of wedges with a straw-like heel and the cutest, bohemian coral and acqua beading. But, like so many things that were of great importance in 2007, they are in the wind, no doubt left behind somewhere between DC, Fort Worth and New York.

Luckily, I found these hotness-on-heels while perusing Piperlime's winter shoe clearance (suede booties for $40, your life depends on checking it out). Seychelles, the perpetual maker of comfortably chic shoes, marked these at $90. After applying card member discounts and Piperlime's free shipping, I'm sure I'll feel just like the girl that caught the one that almost got away.

Officially Excited About Summer,

Whitney :)

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