Saturday, May 24, 2008

Reunited and It Feels So Very Good

Break-ups and beefs are sooo 2007. This year has been all about reunions. I've recently been reunited with my favorite teen TV Shows (All That and Saved by the Bell on The N...get into it) and was inspired by all the other B, Big and bigger reunions out there. See my favorites below.

1) Yellow-Blond Beyonce: Yes, her darker 'do was only a temporary, wonderful reprieve before she debuted her tried and true goldie-locks at the Grammy's in February, but since then she has been skirting around the hue with highlights, lowlights and lights all over the place. This past week she has returned, with a vengence, with full-on blonde hair and the old faithful ponytail. Classic Beyonce and I luv it. Curious onlookers also notice the glass of wine in her emphatic pregnancy confirmation was obviously wrong.

2) Carrie & Co: Yes, BG's, the time has come for us to again bow down and worship at the temple of fashion, fur and friendship when the Sex & The City Movie premieres everywhere next weekend. Not only will audiences be reunited with their favorite 40-something freaks, but we will also hail the return of the rare All-Girl Summer Blockbuster, which we only discovered two summers ago with The Devil Wears Prada.

3) The Real HU: My alma mater, the place of so many great firsts and bests and of some of my truest friends. I went home to congratulate my original class, the Class of 2008, and to celebrate their commencement into the adult world. Tequila and a ticket to the Young Alumni Shin-dig at Love both conspired to make a wonderful reunion.

---notice the slightly dazed look in our eyes and the many droplets of alcohol on our dresses, sheer happiness kept us smiling after 1, 2, maybe 3 drinks were spilled on us.

So, So Good,


Michael said...

You look cute in that picture. Can't believe you updated your blog.

Latrice said...

LOL not drops of alcohol on the clothes