Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hey Lover, This is More Than A Crush

Yes, I'm crushin'. Crushin' on a certain handsome, charismatic, educated, opinionated Lawyer of a man. Yes, yes, y'all I do mean Mr. Barack Obama, the Democratic Presidential hopeful that stamped out a field of worthy contenders (ahem, all middle-class white men and women) to snag the left-of-the-middle party's nomination.

And, man, oh, man, am I glad. I just have to think about my beautiful little niece-cousin Sarae, with her honey brown skin that she compares to chocolate milk and wide, innocent eyes that will look to the Senator's Presidential Campaign and think, "I can do that." Or the little Armenian-American boys that run up and down the stairs of my Harlem apartment, who will no doubt see the child of an immigrant in the Oval Office and say, "I can do that." It's a phrase I never would have thought possible, in my lifetime, for a non-white or non-male person.

I'm prepared to catch hell for this next statement, but I'm glad Hilary made it as far as she did. She campaigned hard (though not admirably) and was a worthy adversary for Obama, frankly much more of a challenge than I predict McCain will be in the Fall. And however much I do not agree with the way that she ran her campaign, especially towards the end, I'm thankful, as a woman, that she had the courage to do it and made history along the way.

I am so inspired by the possibility of a new America, one that I can be even more proud of and live even more fruitfully in, that I have decided to help Obama win the final contest against McCain. I've pledged to donate $1,000 to his efforts and I've already got $50 (woo-hoo!). Help us get the rest by checking out my fundraising page here. And, if you're so inclined, start one of your own! It only takes $10 from 100 friends to match my goal. Come on, challenge me!


Nicole said...

Great post! It's always inspiring to read stories of people overcoming such drastic odds and becoming that much closer to fulfilling their purpose. But to be able to experience those moments with them?? Man! It takes on a whole new level of joy :)Keep on reppin, Obama!!

G.D. said...

we ALWAYS reference 'The Wire.'

thanks for dropping by.

epiphany said...

its amazing how far we have come. not only as black people but people as a whole meaning from all walks of life. I love america and I am glad, so glad, to be and american citizen! I am behind obama 100% and I am so thankful that we have overcome once again another life changing obstacle. hey obama... "WE ALL WE GOT" !!!!! lol