Monday, June 30, 2008

Officially on the Come Up!

Hello World!

I'm in a greeaaat mood today (hmm, maybe I should resurrect a box of those Frosted Flakes) because now, for the first time in a long time, I feel like I am officially on the come up. For those of you that know me in "real" life, you already know that I am a *proud* graduate of Howard University and a writer that moved to NYC six months ago in pursuit of an elusive magazine staff job. I've had a blast interning with a marketing company on their beauty brand accounts, and interning/temping/writing for magazines and websites.

But today, I got triple dose of really good news. One, the food site that I temped at last week might want me back for a long-term editorial assignment. Yes!

Two, my monthly column in Sister 2 Sister magazine on all things food was given major props by a reader today. It feels great to have something that you put so much time and effort into recognized by the people for whom it was intended. Oh yeah!

And three, I am the official Contributing Beauty Editor for a new lifestyle website that's rolling out soon. I can't give too many details, but trust that in a few short months you'll be seeing your girls mug and byline on a very smart, sassy piece of the internet devoted to all things beautiful. I had been very wishy-washy about telling people this because I didn't know how important my section would be or if it would be something that could turn into a full-time gig or not, but I got the contract in my inbox today and I am very, very excited to see that it's official and could turn into something that I do full-time.

Being a Beauty Editor is something I've wanted to do for a long time and I never imagined that I'd get anywhere close at this stage in my career, but the site is for young people and it just made sense to have the editorial content come from people in the age group. I'm ridiculously excited!

I'm working on getting lots of PR contacts together and generating story ideas, so if you happen to represent a beauty brand (or know someone who does), let me know about it at Or, if you love/hate beauty, let me know about that too.

So Excited!


Ja-Mes said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! It's well deserved!!

MR style said...

congratulation for your diploma !!u must be proud !!

Whitney Teal said...

Thanks guys! I'll keep you posted :)

epiphany said...

I know that this is late, I am so happy for you though! I don't even know ya but I know that when good things happen, they are well deserved! this is inspiring!