Monday, July 21, 2008

Handy (Wo)Man

This weekend, I simultaneously realized my maturity and my shortcomings.

My apartment is hotter than hell this summer and I had been making due with two big box fans oscillating constantly in my room. When temps in NYC reached the high 90s, I spent my Saturday in Home Depot picking out the cheapest, possible air conditioner and lamenting over the fact that I had to pay $21 to get it delivered to my house.

Once I got it in my living room (only 10 minutes after the 3 hour window began), I spent another 10 minutes lugging it into my bedroom and carefully rolling it out of the box and onto the bed. I was excited to get it up and running when I realized that I needed to install screws and hammer nails. Damn! I had neither hammer nor screwdriver. I felt so helpless (but, hey, I didn't feel hot because I've been content to blast the AC from my windowsill.) and decided that I'd correctly install that unit if it was the last thing I did.

Then, I did the only logical thing and immediately googled "pink tools," which brought me to an eBay auction that was selling off this cute little baby for only $11. I put in my bid for $15, went to work, and got the triumphant email in a few hours that this cute and functional tool kit was all mine.

Here's to the fix it girl!

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