Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Need This, Well Maybe Not This Exactly

While working on my second official assignment as a Beauty Blogger, I stumbled across this online trunk show for Marc by Marc Jacob's Fall Collection. I will freely admit that I'm not as up-on-thangs when it comes to fashion as I am in other areas, so I'm sure this is old news.

But I'm still salivating for some of pieces, particularly a Script Plaid Twill Dress, priced at $458. I don't mind telling you that it's about 70% of what I pay each month for my apartment. Needless to say, it ain't happening.

BUT, what might happen is that I score a fabulous knock-off or shockingly similar piece at one of my favorite cheapy chic haunts like Target, H&M or Old Navy.

The dress if perfecta for several reasons:

-The cowl neckline: I'm a fool for a turtleneck (and I always have been, I think it started in, like, 1st grade), so I love that it gives the same effect with more edge.

-Houndstooth is my buddie: One of my favorite dresses last winter was a maroon and black houndstooth little number that I scored from for about $8. It looked great with black tights and patent-leather mary-janes, or over a very mod, black turtleneck.

Am I the only one that trolls designer sites only to emulate the look for a fraction of the price?

Word to my (anorexic) clothing budget,

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