Friday, July 25, 2008

Missbehavin', Golden Girls Style

As you may or may not be able to see from the blurry, unfocused image (damn PC's!), Missbehavemag is following my Twitter blog! I've been a HUGE fan of the site ever since Jezebel shouted them out a few months back for being just about the best women's magazine and filling a huge void for us anti-Cosmo gals out there ever since Jane left (RIP.)

Anywhoozlebees, I'm totally addicted to Twitter (check it out to your right ---->) and now feel an intense pressure to lead a more interesting life so that I may therefore have more interesting twitters. Yes, technology makes all of us step our game up.

Before I forget and while we're on the subject of great things that no longer exist, RIP Estelle Getty. I started a long and fabulous post about her and my love for the Golden Girls and how I think SATC copied off of them and how they are waaay more fab than SATC will be on anyday, but, like all of my Golden Girls tributes, it just didn't seem good enough for them. I really, really, really heart the show and my heart goes out to her family and former castmembers. I'll never hear "Let me tell you a story," "There once was a beautiful peasant girl," "Yutz," or any of her other catchphrases and not mourn her great comedic talent.

Talk later, see ya soon and all that...


Nicole said...

Even with the DVD for Season 1 and 2 always close by I still made sure to watch the mini-marathon that Lifetime had for Estelle this afternoon :) It's so cool to read so many young, female bloggers paying tribute to her!

Britt said...

You have testes!