Saturday, August 02, 2008

22 22's: Brittany

When I Was 22: Take a look at a few great women that have recently passed 22. Share their wisdom, laugh at their pics. Enjoy!

22 22's: Brittany (2)

[Dallas, circa 2004, at 22]

Full Name:
Brittany M., Esq.

Birthday: April 23

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Currently Resides: Dallas, Texas

Famous For (Then): "Still dating my high school sweetheart, six years strong." Being my sister!

Famous For (Now): Blogging it up with 6 other EBP's over at The Real 7. The nickel jar where a 5 cents deposit is made for every time someone utters the phrase "Do you do Criminal Law?"

[Puerto Rico, 2007. Notice the giant hand clawing!]

Notorious For: "Telling it like it T-I-S. " Being the 'Miranda' of her clique. Snatching all the good genes before I was even born....

The Good Life: "[When I was 22] I had no idea how good I had it! Sure, I was broke and studied all the time, but I didn't have a job and I had way too much fun with my 22 year old classmates!" Yeah, yeah, but she's a big time law-ya now, so, I don't want to hear it!

Favorite Quotes: "It ain't always been easy!" Yes, I uttered this while being intoxicated for the very first time. It was kind of funny but strangely poignant.

Biggest Lesson: "That was a time of anticipation for me, as well as a fear of the unknown. I learned just how resilient I was and that everything really does work out OK in the end."

What I Miss About Being 22: "My dress size and lack of responsibilities!"

[with Me, Miami circa 2006, when popped collars were still relatively in]


Britt said...

I love it! Now gimme three snaps in a Z formation!

Miss Melissa said...

FABULOUSSSS. I like this section. can't wait to see your next 22!