Monday, August 04, 2008

8.4.08: Currently Obsessed With

[Vogue Italia]

[New York's daily fashion blog, The Cut]

[Nia Long, the Love Jones years]

[My Isaac Mizrahi for Target's Bronze Faux Reptile Skin Sandals]

[Hot Pink nail color by Nicole]

[The 1st Season of HBO's Tell Me You Love Me]

[Chloe Sevigny. And the name Chloe in general]


Eb the Celeb said...

Nia Long will always and forever be my girl crush...
and I am hella mad that HBO cancelled Tell Me You Love Me... that was my show... granted I could do without the old people sexin' but besides that it was pretty good

Whitney said...

I feel you Eb...I started slapping my friend across the arm when she told the news about Tell me you love me. And yes the old ppl sex scenes were a lil too much, lol.