Friday, August 01, 2008

I Can Be A Princess, Too!

Like most little girls, I fantasized about being a princess and really looked up to fictional ones. I LUVED Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White, Ariel, Belle and all of the other Disney princesses (but not Sleeping Beauty. The heffa just never moved me). But it didn't take too much growing up before I realized that none of them looked like me. Jasmine was kinda brown and so was Pocahontas, but the movies that I luved so much never featured African-American girls, and this really hurt. Where was our girl to look up to? With sable skin and raven hair, a recognizable voice and a tiara to match? She didn't exist, and by the time I grew out of watching Disney movies, I was convinced that she never would.

But that was before The Princess and the Frog.

A (hopefully) wonderful story of an honest-to-God Black princess and her frog, which I assume will turn into a prince. Set in New Orleans and voiced by Anike Noni Rose, the movie is getting lots of press because it will be the first Disney film to feature an African-American princess. Yay!!! I'm hella old now, but I'll still be in line to see this cute, groundbreaking-way-too-late film.

Check out the trailer, seen on this wonderful blog:


Mademoiselle M said...

finally! So it IS coming out still!!!? YYAAAY.

sorry. i just couldn't mask my excitement. When does it come out?

Whitney said...

IDK when it's coming out, but I'm going to find out soon! I have to kidnap some child so it won't look like I'm the only over-10 girl in line to see!