Monday, September 22, 2008

On Vacation...

Well, not really, but I have taken a mini-vacay from updating this blog for several reasons. The main being that I can no longer type the letter "b" on my keyboard (though I've thought of lots of creative ways to get the letter into this post) and it makes it insanely annoying to type anything.

because between working a couple of in-office jobs and freelancing my ass off when I get home, I'm normally pretty konked and my brain's fried and unable to think up any witty/sarcastic (or stupid/mindless, it's your call) topics to post.

So, I'm waiting until I'm struck with inspiration, or have a day off, whichever comes first. Of course, hit up Uptown Literatti and my Twitter, which I, incidentally, never go more than a few hours without updating.

Kisses, hugs, smacks, tickles and all that.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

9.3.08: Currently Obsessed With

[somebody tell these shorties reach for the stars, instead they tell 'em how to reach through bars-Purple, Nas]

[Un-commercialized Great Ideas like The Communist Manifesto]

[Washington, DC-educated beauties like Georgetown University grad Amerie]

[And The George Washington University alumna Kerry Washington]

[Sasha Obama. SO adorable. And Barack, Michelle and Malia too]

[The return of 90's flannel via Gap]

[The soulful, raspy voice of Ray LaMontagne]

[And his very downloadable album 'Till The Sun Turns Black]

[J. Crew's little sister, Madewell, is a lot spicier--like all lil sisters]

[See their colorful take on the ubiquitous city boots and scarves]

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

You Be Lorraine, I'll Be Nina

[My girl Nina, smoking a spliff]

It's a new dawn/it's a new day/it's a new life for me/oooooo/and I'm feeling good- Nina Simone.

My very playful friends Mike and Char pegged themselves as modern-day James Baldwins and Lorraine Hansberrys, respectively. When we three started to hang Senior year at HU Charreah, graciously, told me that I could be Nina Simone. It didn't just come out of nowhere since Baldwin and Hansberry were good friends of Nina and the three frequently inspired each other. Balwin convinced Simone to use her art to promote social change and Hansberry inspired one of Simone's best known songs, To Be Young, Black and Gifted (after Hansberry's book of the same title).

How fitting since I absolutely love the sounds of Simone and hope to one day write stirring sentences that penetrate souls the way her voice does. My favorite Nina song is, hands, down Feeling Good. It's simple, soulful, peaceful and beautiful, from the serene, a cappella opening to the ballsy, brassy, high-intensity ending. Listen:

Feeling Good - Nina Simone