Wednesday, September 03, 2008

9.3.08: Currently Obsessed With

[somebody tell these shorties reach for the stars, instead they tell 'em how to reach through bars-Purple, Nas]

[Un-commercialized Great Ideas like The Communist Manifesto]

[Washington, DC-educated beauties like Georgetown University grad Amerie]

[And The George Washington University alumna Kerry Washington]

[Sasha Obama. SO adorable. And Barack, Michelle and Malia too]

[The return of 90's flannel via Gap]

[The soulful, raspy voice of Ray LaMontagne]

[And his very downloadable album 'Till The Sun Turns Black]

[J. Crew's little sister, Madewell, is a lot spicier--like all lil sisters]

[See their colorful take on the ubiquitous city boots and scarves]


Nicole said...

I just saw a poster last week advertising your boy Ray will be performing at Radio City (I think) It's the theater right across the street from the Time & Life Building.

Britt said...

I <3 Kerry too!!!

Miss Melissa said...

Currently Obsessed with: DC Educated writers polished (not created) by The Mecca, Howard University --> Whitney Teal

Whitney said...

Woop Woop @ The Mecca!

Eb the Celeb said...

I love Ray Lamontagne... I thought I was the only black chick that knew about