Monday, September 22, 2008

On Vacation...

Well, not really, but I have taken a mini-vacay from updating this blog for several reasons. The main being that I can no longer type the letter "b" on my keyboard (though I've thought of lots of creative ways to get the letter into this post) and it makes it insanely annoying to type anything.

because between working a couple of in-office jobs and freelancing my ass off when I get home, I'm normally pretty konked and my brain's fried and unable to think up any witty/sarcastic (or stupid/mindless, it's your call) topics to post.

So, I'm waiting until I'm struck with inspiration, or have a day off, whichever comes first. Of course, hit up Uptown Literatti and my Twitter, which I, incidentally, never go more than a few hours without updating.

Kisses, hugs, smacks, tickles and all that.


Britt said...

Enjoy your vacay! Lol

Nicole said...

(Sings the Go-go's "Vacation's all I ever wanted. Vacation had to get away." lol)...okay, that was lame but here's what's cool: you've been tagged, girlie.

Check the blog for details :)