Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hoot! Wild About Owls

Muchachas (and a few muchachos),

I am, indeed, still alive. I'm not going to bore you with excuses, but I will say that I have big news that I hope to announce very, very soon! Meanwhile, as I've been literally pulling my hair out over this ridiculously tedious story that I'm writing for one of my editors, I've taken solace in...owls?

Yes, owls! Part of my job is staying abreast of trends, i.e. scouring random websites for products that might work for some of the websites that I contribute to. And recently, they've all seemed to have owls on the brain...hoot, hoot? LOL. Here are some that I'm completely feeling:

[White Owl Lamp, tiny mcsmall]

Would you believe it's made for a kids room? Screw that, I'd take this eccentric-looking piece and totally rock it on my bedside table.

[Pewter Winking Bird Pendant, Lago Jewelry]

I tend to stick to basic black dresses (really, like every single day), so I love to buy stand-out jewelry to add a lil bit of umph to my wardrobe.

[Owl Umbrella Stand, Urban Outfitters]

I have a love/hate/love relationship with the pseudo-thrift store look of Urban Outfitters. But I love, love, love this umbrella stand. Looks like something straight out of Domino mag, right?

[Owl Stud Earrings, Juicy Couture]

Studs are great because you can get away with colors/designs that would just look silly if you wore them on larger earrings. These cute studs could make any basic jeans and tee look pop, or be that hint of go-girl push you need with a business suit (for something that's not too conservative).