Saturday, December 27, 2008


I know that you're still reeling over the last bomb I dropped (because my life is soooo important to you, right?), but I've got another one: me and hair relaxers are officially broken up. Like most B-Girls, I've sported chemically relaxed hair for longer than a little bit. But after being incredibly inspired by my big sis, who traded her lovely, straight hair for a gorgeous, curly 'fro earlier in the year, I've shown straighteners the door.

Like most girls making the "transition," my newest pastime is obsessing over colored girls with curly, kinky, nappy, wavy, or otherwise non-straight hair. Here are my latest hairspirations:

[tracee ellis ross]

  • I completely heart nearly everything about this woman's style, from head to toe. I especially love her free-spirited, devil-may-care, curl 'fro.

[mane and chic]

  • I don't really know what this person looks like, but I'm really into her blog that she started to document her transition from relaxed to natural hair. She does really great product reviews, posts pictures of her hair's progress and provides cool background info on natural products. I check the site like twice a day, even though she only updates a couple of times a week. Don't ask me why.

[yaya da costa]

  • Do you remember this woman from ANTM Cycle 3? She was moderately fierce then and she's full-blown amazingness now. I love her hair and the incredible diversity of kinky hair that she exemplifies.

I swear I only have like an inch of new growth and I'm already turning into Sista Soulja. When my hair is actually 100% natural you won't be able to stomach me, lol.


Britt said...

The newness will wear off, lol. Go Nacha!

Mademoiselle M said...

well i've been natural since the day i was born and i absolutely love the versatility of my god given hair. It's definitely a love-hate relationship but I wouldnt trade it for the world. I wish you all the best on your journey and I love Mane and Chic as well as Yaya too!

urbane girl said...

Welcome to the club!!

CJ said...

welcome . ..just as I get the itch to return to a perm . . .and you're back on my blog roll:)

Nicole said...

Love this post. Girl I've been thinking about kicking the relaxer to the curb, too. I loooove Tracee Ellis Ross (girlfriends marathon this past weekend re-inspired me :) and YaYa is gorgeous.

I laughed out loud at this line "I swear I only have like an inch of new growth and I'm already turning into Sista Soulja." is another great site for tips about going natural. And it's great for design inspiration, too ;)