Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mermaid Dresses Become Her

Take a look at these two dresses. One she wore to the Oscars last weekend and the other she wore in a recent photoshoot with Ebony magazine (cover image below). Though I wasn't a fan of the Oscar choice (it was a House of Dereon original, y'all), you have to give it to Bey for sticking to what works for her.

One word: Fierce! First off, let's talk about the hair. Big, curly and a more natural, darker hue definitely works for my girl. Could this be a return to the "Work it Out" days?

Actually, now that I look at this still from the video, that yellow-gold hair color was too, too much.

Something about Beyonce that I absolutely love? She gives Black publications the very best interviews. Remember that last Vibe cover that she did? Or the Giant issue where she boldly went where no other pop star had went before: posed for a magazine with hair curlers atop her head.

In this issue, she revealed a little something about her new, domesticated life with Jigga and why she'll never retire. Check it out.

-- Whitney


Danielle's Daughter said...

Actually, the mermaid dress in Ebony was an HOD original, too...just a slightly less garishly jarring one. Who knew?

And DAMN, I forgot all about that GIANT mag with them curlers in! I also liked the shots where she was in the shower with a plastic deep conditioning cap on. Hilarity.

Britt said...

I'm a a Diva!