Tuesday, March 03, 2009

She's A Twit

Oh, that Solange. You all know about my well-documented love/hate with that highly debatable child and she insists on providing me with fresh fodder on a near daily basis.

Today my girl is at a hair salon getting extensions. How do I know this, you ask? Because she tweeted me so. Her status updates for the last hour (as of March 3) have been something like this:

"At the hurrr salon. Under the dryer. Mad @ my stylist. I told him I just got this damn tattoo so be delicate. He didn't listen."

And "My moms been a salon owner for almost 30 years. I think growing up in one, I'm the anti "guuuurrrl" hair salon."

Hmm, where do I start? First off, I fully recognize that I'm lame because I do follow her twits (I'm one of the 17,772) and secondly, I'm actually dedicating thirty minutes to typing up this post. Yes, yes, I realize this.

But isn't there something to said about a celebrity that updates thousands with her every move, even when those moves take place in a hospital or hair salon?

It's weird because I don't feel there's anything wrong with it when I do it (twitter.com/BadGirl1016, check me out!), but it all of a sudden becomes really perverse and self-serving when album-hocking singers do it.

My friend Michael, who keeps me laughing all day with his blunt, completely truthful observations said this over Gchat:

Michael: She will be twittering at her own funeral.
"I'm dead, ya'll."

2 seconds later: "It's not so bad."

4 seconds later: "I wonder if God likes Bjork, too?"

My sentiments exactly. Check out this story I wrote on Diddy's tantric sex twitter extravaganza.

-- Whitney


Miss Melissa said...

"I'm dead, ya'll." Best.Line. Ever.

Britt said...

You know I am anti-twitter but I kind of like that po' chile.