Saturday, December 26, 2009

Disconnect: Cosmetics + Career

Why is that when a woman is successful and stylish or successful and beautiful, both of those traits have to be acknowledged, as if they are expected to be mutually exclusive?

Example: "Producer [of London's production of Legally Blonde]Sonia Friedman says she, 'Identified with Elle. It's embarrassing, but I did. Elle is a great role model for women. She shows that there's nothing wrong with wearing pretty clothes and lipstick, while still being a strong woman.'" [via]

Huh? Whoever said that being a strong women meant forgoing style and cosmetics?

It's sometimes hard for me to understand how it was for older women who climbed corporate ladders and broke glass ceilings and what-not, but it's annoying when women like Elle Woods are supposed to be a world apart from other career women because they like pink. Oy vey.

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