Monday, January 25, 2010

Overheard on IM: The Occoasional Chubby-Chaser

IMFriend: are u attracted to fat guys?
or chubby guys

me: maybe
are u?

IMFriend: not at all

me: lowl

IMF: i am not like [friend] at all
"i keeps me a plus sized man"


IMF: there is always that football player or teddy bear exception

me: she's a chubby-chaser!

IMF: but by and large, nope
yup she is
she used to say two fat ppl cant be together
I guess she re-nigged on that
I don't want my man to have curves

me: LMAO
real men have curves!

IMF: no real men love Jesus lol

me: You say that like they're mutually exclusive
everybody knows Moses had a little junk
well Moses didn't love Jesus, bad example
Paul was a full-figured man

IMF: who told u that?
ROFL @ full figured

me: nobody


me: I'm making it up

IMF: I'm not gone sit here and listen to your lies!
like Nene

Good online times!


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